Finfest 2018 on May 18th on-board a cruise ship between Turku/Finland and Strockholm/Sweden


Sama tieto löytyy alla olevan linkin takaa suomeksi :wink:

A Late notification about yearly FInnish EVE player event Finfest 2018. Event is still on a cruise ship this year, thus it’s a intriguing experience for many non-Finnish players and even for some Finns. Though, you are required to be at least 18 years old for this event.

Event will start in Turku/Finland on May 18th. We will board the ship and have some dinner and a party. On the following Saturday on the way back from Sweden, we will have some presentations. It’s good trip to relax, see other EVE players and share some stories.

Last time for registration and payments is just after Fanfest on Sunday 15th of April

Registration with additional information is available on the event site:

ps. If you are interested on giving a presentation, don’t hesitate to contact me.

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