FINISHED. Close thread

This is me

Owner don’t wanna mine anymore.

I can use the rorqual with decent drone skills.

I have processing skills.

I am living in jita atm.
No killrights.
Positive wallet.
Positive sec status
Genolution core 1-4 in my head.

Start bid is: 22B

B/O: 30B

All CCP rules apply

22b rdy

25B rdy

26b rdy

27B rdy

30B offer isk ready

offer cancel

Bids notet.

If no other bids are made before 20:00 EVE time today 23-11-2018. I will accept the offer from Boutdechoux Malhorne. 27B offered.

My offer stand for another 12 hours. I need a answer after this delay i will cancel my 27B bid

Accepting the offer from Boutdechoux Malhorne.

Send isk and account info and I will start the transfer.

Online the next 2 hours.

Isk send


Info send

Isk and account info recived.

Ticket to CCP has been made to make character transfer.

Ticket number send via mail ingame.

Character received thx for the transaction

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