FINISHED. Close thread


(Alija2) #1

This is me

Owner don’t wanna mine anymore.

I can use the rorqual with decent drone skills.

I have processing skills.

I am living in jita atm.
No killrights.
Positive wallet.
Positive sec status
Genolution core 1-4 in my head.

Start bid is: 22B

B/O: 30B

All CCP rules apply

(Emil Miazy) #2

22b rdy

(Boutdechoux Malhorne) #3

25B rdy

(Emil Miazy) #4

26b rdy

(Boutdechoux Malhorne) #5

27B rdy

(taylor04) #6

30B offer isk ready

(taylor04) #7

offer cancel

(Alija2) #8

Bids notet.

If no other bids are made before 20:00 EVE time today 23-11-2018. I will accept the offer from Boutdechoux Malhorne. 27B offered.

(Boutdechoux Malhorne) #9

My offer stand for another 12 hours. I need a answer after this delay i will cancel my 27B bid

(Alija2) #10

Accepting the offer from Boutdechoux Malhorne.

Send isk and account info and I will start the transfer.

Online the next 2 hours.

(Boutdechoux Malhorne) #11

Isk send


Info send

(Alija2) #12

Isk and account info recived.

Ticket to CCP has been made to make character transfer.

Ticket number send via mail ingame.

(Boutdechoux Malhorne) #13

Character received thx for the transaction