[FINISHED] Phantasm BPCs, 70m each

Must be located in Jita.
Buying for 70m each.
Price is non-negotiable.

Bulk sellers (at least 10 BPCs) only please.

If you have less than 10, just sell it on Contracts yourself, you’ll save me time and make a little bit more isk.

Thanks to everyone who has contracted me their Phantasm BPCs so far!

Just looking for 68 more now.

Friendly reminder that I don’t care about what the rest of the market looks like, I’m looking for bulk Phantasm BPCs. If you want to squeeze out as much isk, you’re free to sell them yourself, I don’t care.

We’re getting close! Still looking to buy some more, but only need to purchase 54 blueprints. Thanks to everyone who has contracted me Phantasms so far.

Just to clarify, I am only looking for blueprints and will not accept fully built hulls. Thanks again!

Another bump! I wanna thank everyone for contracting me Phantasm BPCs!
Excited to say that we’ve hit the 1,000 mark!

Let’s see if we can hit the 2,000 mark!


Thanks again to all those who are contracting me their Phantasm BPCs. I notice that the number of blueprints coming in has slowed down a fair bit for some reason.

Just a quick update, I’m still buying Phantasm BPCs, but I’m noticing that the average price is starting to come down a bit. I’ll be keeping an eye on it for a while and will update this thread with a new price if necessary. If I decide to update my price, I’ll honor all current outstanding contracts up until the time that my thread is updated, and maybe 24 hour’s grace period.

However, I will be rejecting all contracts at the old price after the grace period and will send you a mail in-game with the explanation.

Keep them coming and let’s break 2k!

Hey all, will be dropping my price per BPC down to 65m.

24 hour grace period starts now and all outstanding contracts assigned to me before the 24 hours are up will be accepted. All future contracts that are assigned to me after the 24 hours are up will be rejected unless they’re set at the new price.

Thanks everyone! o/

This will be my last bump, I’m closing down shop. Any outstanding BPCs will be accepted, but 24 hours after this post, I will reject future contracts.

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