I’ll offer a Tiamat + 100bil if you move the fiend into metropolis/molden heath, bleaklands, Derelik or devoid

375bil for the fiend

Tiamat and Hydra plus 200?

Only want Isk or a moracha.


Can you mail me a number for fiend please.

If you seriously is looking to sell imp at non-retard price you can mail me what your looking for ish and we can talk

Why sell to you when retards will pay retard prices?

because he might not find one :stuck_out_tongue:

Never underestimate the retardedly deep pockets of retards.

And you are trying to find a retard seller or so it would seem. Not that I blame you or anything mate.

No, I just don’t know if this seller is the kind of guy bidding outrageous price with unknown alt’s to make price go up. You sure can think anything you want anyway, im not interested in finding retard sellers to buy and resell, I want to buy a single one to use.

I was once one of those so called retard buyers… Paid record prices for a few AT ships. Now they’re selling for 5 to 10 times what I paid. Whether you plan to fly the ship or not is irrelevant. We’re talking about ships where 50 or less exist… No one gives a ■■■■ if you go to a rare car auction looking to buy with the intent of driving it.

I only meant by that that I wasn’t a reseller spamming post’s to find retard sellers. But who cares your not selling it are you?

Like I said I am one of the few players in game that respect what you are doing. Even though you show no respect towards me. Because I have figured out what you are doing.

Its like you said, cant undock what you cant buy. Regardless of what you are capable of potentially.

Well you cant buy what isn’t being sold, no matter how much isk you have to throw around. That is the Future of these assets… What matters is who has it in their hanger at the end of the day. I cant imagine how many you have.

Anyway I did send OP a mail regarding Fiend.

We’re in the consolidation phase, get in while you still can.

Ships no longer available.


Curious, how much did you sell them for?

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