Fire and the Stars

My Gran used to tell me this tale when I was a child and we were far from home; she was a kind and thoughtful woman…

The fire burned brightly in the great hall creating deep shadows against the wooden framework, a cool winters breeze flow through the open ornate doors. From inside the Hall looking out you could see the stars reflected on the great lake, it felt like the stars surrounded the hall for those allowed entry.

The six sat around the fire each talking, whispering and laughing. The sat on beautiful woven rugs decorated with the history of each tribe. One rug was empty and every now and then their yes would drift to the door.

“He’s late” announce Stark

“Always late” Sebiess smirked

“Well he has come a long way” said Nefan

“We all have to travel to get here, we should start” replied Brute

"Yes, let’s move along " whispered Kruss

“We will wait, He would wait for us” smiled Vheroka

“would he?” blinked Stark

A light flickered in the distance, it was a not a star but as bright, A boat floating on the lake

“See, here he comes now we are all gathered and can begin" Announced Sebiess

The man entered and smiled to the group, took his place. They talked about the tribes. thier future… they argued, laughed and at times some cried. For the Tribes had always suffered losses, some terrible losses.

Thukk hadn’t joined in the discussions really, he just nodded and smiled when he needed to, His gaze always drifting to the door and the sea.

The conversation slowly faded as the each turned their gaze to him, he turned startled and apologised.

Sebiess spoke, her eyes glistened with sadness “Its ok, you should go if you wish… we understand”

Thukk smiled “I love and trust you all, and I hope you do understand… but look to the Stars and you will see me, and leave the door open so I can always look back and see the fires of my home”

They watched the light float across the water and start to fade as it joined the stars on the horizon, some smiled, some frowned and one wept.

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