Frarn V // Home

The warm sea breeze played through her hair as the gentle waves plowed against the hull of the hydroplane while the setting sun burned on her face. She always liked the feeling of total freedom out here. How she missed this planet and this boat now lit to a soft orange by the most beautiful of sunsets. She dipped her toes into the water like a thirsty plant and it felt warm and calming. This was her home, this was where she came from. She took a deep breath.

she smiles … beautiful memories come over her… The good old times when she was a child and her mother had to repair the heat pumps out here and took little Komi with her. Everything seemed so simple…

The sun settled on the horizon soon to reveal a firmament of million stars.
Once beautiful now the void was revealing all she feared and all her scars.

She cries … dispair

blasting winds, waves soaked her legs and the figurehead awoke from tears.
Her fate to touch the stars morphed into a vicious curse.

She turned around the boat and headed for the shore. Eyes still wet she spotted the shuttle that would abduct her.
She wanted to stay, but she could not, for she could not forget…

(first attempt, pls dont be too harsh >_<)


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