Firework Warfare, Metagaming or Exploit

I saw in the Jump Animation thread that 99% of the people that don’t like it, stated as a reason that it can trigger a epileptic seizure.

While that does truely suck it gave me a thought.

What in PVP fight you shoot somebody with fireworks, so they get a seizure and thus cant fight back.

Is it metagaming or an exploit ?

Well, that’s just great. I already get seizures from reading your posts, and now I have fireworks to worry about, too.


Not just nausea?

Your fail analysis is way off.

Neither. For the vaaaast majority of people, there would be no seizure and the odds of running into a random target that would have one is almost nill. Also if someone has that problem they simply can disable the graphics that allow you see the fireworks (I know I would and call it good).

So in order for it to be “metagaming” you would have to know a person’s personal medical issues enough, actively target them, and have them also not know enough to disable the fireworks or simply have the camera zoomed out to not see them. Seems like a waste of time to play a certain way in the hopes of winning via causing your enemy to seizure.


pro tip
lazors kill faster than fireworks

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Well… given the fact that seizures are in essence just human brain shortcurcuiting, i’d call it exploit!

The reason the jump animation was simplified/removed was because it hampered multi boxers with gpu usage when they broadcast jumped 20 alts if they were multi screening.

Don’t expect nice things in an a MMO that caters to bots and multi boxers over regular players.