First Person Camera - Citadel Defense Against Siege Attacks

I think that a station gunner in a Citadel should be able to use the First Person Camera to attempt to shoot down incoming missiles that are being fired at by Dreads.

The gunners skills would be based on their x-large projectile, hybrid and laser turret skills.

Each type of turret would have a different type of ammunition.

1.Projectile - Flechette Ammo would be very destructive up to 75km and have a destructive radius of five kilometers. Five second in between each shot fired.
2.Hybrid - Anti-Matter Dispersion Slugs that are medium range out to 100km and have a destructive radius of 10 km. Ten second in between each shot fired.
3.Laser - Quantum Derived Wavelengths of energy have a range of 25 km to 175. The longer the capacity is charged up the farther the range but with less damage at greater distances. At 25 km it would take ten second between each shot fired. The radius of the Laser would also be cone shaped allowing the wavelength to effect targets at greater distances but not as many the closer to the station that the missile flies towards.

Station gunners need to be able to defend their assets without having to call in a fleet to attack ships that outside of their weapons ranges that are still able to attack the station.

No. Thanks.

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There’s a lot wrong with this idea.

First and foremost, only one person can be in the seat at a time. Ergo you spread your dreads around the citadel and said gunner spends all of his time trying to find incoming missiles. Even with many gunners, same issue.

Second… there’s literally only two dreads that use missiles. The Guristas one will probably not make it to the front lines any time in the next 6 months, because they’re going to be hella-expensive and really good at ratting. No reason to bring a hella-expensive ship to sudoku itself for a citadel.

Unless you’re proposing some means of shooting down incoming blaster/projectile/laser fire, this idea dies with that.

If I’ve misunderstood you, let me know. I’ll be honest, I stopped paying any real attention to the OP after the first sentence.


Shooting down munitions fire from the smaller ships using a point defense system would over burden the servers I think with all of the triangulation’s.

But for Dread and Super Carrier sized rounds that are the size of a frigate perhaps the Point Defense system could be tweaked to defend against them.

What exactly were you planning on killing a keepstar with?

Also, Supercarriers don’t shoot their fighters at things…

Regardless, you’re right about the server load. It would murder it.

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I think that a new Citadel Defender class of ship would be helpful in defending all types of Citadels.

The Defense Ship would basically be a gun turret deployed from the Citadel that would be similar to the weapon turrets of a POS. The gun turrets would be manned by corporation members who have POS gunnery skills.

The Defense Ships could not be scrambled, webbed, or ECM’d as the Citadel’s defense systems would protect them.

The weapons ranges of the Defense Ships would be based on the gunner flying the ship.

The Defense Ship could be micro warp jumped to 100 km away from the Citadel, but the further that the Defense Ship is from the Citadel the more susceptible it is too scrambling, webbing and ECM.

The Defense Ship would have limited warp capabilities of no more than 200km and a max velocity of 150 m/3

The Defense Ship would be fit based on the gunners preferences and would have two high slots to fit a Polarized weapon into.

Two mid slots and two low slots.

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