Fit for a Duo C3 sites/Spider tank?

I need help with fitting options…

Recently, I made a pve alt with 1m SP. My main has 33m sp (just got into a tengu). My goal is to be able to run the C3 sites with this newly founded alt and my main (faster than a praxis or 650dps tengu) HOWEVER… it only has 1m SP (yet to be allocated). I’ve tried RR Domi’s (myrm wouldn’t cut it) but there isn’t enough drone range for bosses that kite 65km away, and entertained the thought of a spider tanked vedmak/drekavac (no fits and none that would work) I wouldn’t want to be using a rattlesnake as that is just too much isk to be risking for one ship (under 1-1.5b would be amazing (combined) - less grinding)

Any fits or suggestions would be appreciated

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remote rep praxis is your best option with <5 mil SP.

praxis also has a lot more mid slots, so more target painters, etc. to make the damage application better.

if you put the main in a domi and assist all the drones to the praxis, you can use 2-4 rapid heavy launches in addition to the remote cap modules.

the battleships that move 200 m/s getting out to 65 km before dying sounds like a combination of a skill issue and poor positioning. It helps to warp to 50-70km (depends on site), and MJD to the location where the battleship will spawn, and it will always be within 15-25km when it spawns.


I used to run C3s with 2x Curse in HighDPS ShieldFits. You are invisible on Dscan, so most travellers won’t even notice you. If someone uses combat probes you see them, if they sneak up cloked into your ano they will have a hard time to give a good warpin because you burn around with AB all the time and never stand still. And you can get rid of tackle pretty good in case someone tries. Is not as much DPS as bigger ships, but incredibly convenient and not that much of a loss if it actually dies.


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