Fitting screen - REMOVE the bright CLOUD in the background (its annoying

Just look at this screen. This is all you have to know.

Does this look like good UI design? The options are not just tiny but invisible!

This is how it should look - always. You can see where you click and work efficiently.

It’s a shame you have to tilt the camera awkwardly every time and this only covers the top module slots (while the rest vanishes in this idiotic white cloud.

I consider this oversight a bug at this point.
How can any decent UI designer deliver bright gray text on a white background and say ‘yes, that works’. I think someone forgot/broke the code for a drop-shadow and nobody noticed.

Please, UI 1 0 1.
Get this fixed, I’d appreciate it, and so will literally everyone else.


Agreed. Also, do the same to very white glaring BLINDING nebulae and clouds in space… they literally blind my eyes, which I can assure you is not very healthy for our eyes. Space is mostly BLACK… Not this rainbow of colours everywhere, if you want to be more scientific accurate as well. Cheers.


That is something I regularly complain about in the Settings → “Did you enjoy playing Eve Online today ?” feedback feature, pusing the thumbs down icon. (yes, “regularly” because reminding them of anoying things is important to ever get things moving).
Additionnaly, I’ve created this thread just now :

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