Better visibility options for console

I know this has been asked for in years past but I thought I’d bring it up again because its just such a fundamentally simple quality-of-life idea. I would really, really like to have a shaded box behind the console. Its incredibly difficult to see that dim green glow on the buttons if there’s anything bright behind them, and EVE is full of crazy nebulas and other unneeded eye strain. The shaded box might need to be resizable (automatic or manually) to cover all console layouts. Another option would be the ability to turn off those gratuitous colors in space and just have the stars visible. Caldari space is by far the easiest to play in because of its dark blue color - I just want the same level of usability everywhere. Thanks if anyone at CCP reads this.

As I age, it seems those things you mention are a bit more difficult to see.

This is at least worth a discussion by the CSM at their meeting in Iceland. Since they won’t be hanging out at the Blue Lagoon.

Best wishes for the Grindavik folks.

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