More brightness control

(Bruce Kemp) #1

I would love separate brightness slider bars for:

a) Nebula
b) Stars
c) Overview

i’d love to make space darker, but keep the overview bright.

Does anyone else think this is a good idea or not?

(Natocha Daisy) #2

Nice idea.

They would however probably need to re-design the game for this to work though? I dunno…

My annoyance is the tiny screen fonts which cause me to strain my eyes all the time. I wish they would update this.

(Ms Steak) #3

I’d love to have outlines or shadows on white colored text that EvE uses, so it doesnt blend with bright backgrounds.

(Kaylee Rayl) #4

I believe via the in-game settings, you’d be able to set bigger fonts. Or ctrl+scrol mouse wheel on pc (for the overview, cross check with help channel).

(Kaylee Rayl) #6

Not really. But there might be some ways from within your gfx card settings to make that happen.