Fittings for Blood Raider 10/10 DED


I got a surprise today when my blinged 97k EHP Rattlesnake died in a Blood Raider Naval Shipyard by two shots of the Stronghold. I tried secondly with Damage Control Party with 122k EHP, jumped backward from tower, survived two shots but I had to leave immeadiately, I recognized I haven’t chance with this ship here, what was perfect in Sansha 10/10 DEDs before.

So should you share with me here some good fittings to clear Blood Raider 10/10 DEDs?

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The Blood Raider Fleet Stronghold fires Citadel torpedoes with 180,000 EM damage every 30 seconds.
You need high EM resists.

As I read marauders means the solution… Anyway Blood Stronghold cause seriously more damage than Sansha.

The Blood Raider Stronghold shots 4x faster… :o Great… :smiley:

I used Vargur to do those , never lost one .

I did this with two Rattlesnakes before the resistances nerf. Just MJD behind the stronghold and hope I knock it down faster than the rest of the fleet catches up, then warp away immediately.
Then the remaining ships despawn and you can go back in after 2-3 minutes to BM.

Well I plan to do with Golem, because my maximized skills is missile.

Can golem MJD and face-tank this thing with high enough EM resist? kill it fast enough to zip out?

I tried it with a Golem. I’d been using that for Angels without any problems.
The first time I was going to MJD away so that the supporting ships wouldn’t hit me. I ended up with about 10% structure left after the first hit from the boss. I went into Bastion and spammed the shield booster… Time to leave.
I repaired and did some changes for more EM resist. When I landed in the room I immediately hit Bastion mode. I set auto-repeat for both the shield booster and the bastion. The hard part was searching through the list for the boss, and I ended up taking two blasts from the thing before I started shooting. I got down to about 40% armor with near zero cap left when I ended bastion and was able to limp to a station.

I didn’t try it a third time. The boss and the supporting ships hit you with high EM and thermal damage. I do believe that with some changes to the shields the Golem will tank it. You won’t have enough time for the MJD to spin up, and I’m at MJD level IV. Even level V…you’re going to get at least one blast before it fires.

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