Fittings for Blood Raider 10/10 DED


I got a surprise today when my blinged 97k EHP Rattlesnake died in a Blood Raider Naval Shipyard by two shots of the Stronghold. I tried secondly with Damage Control Party with 122k EHP, jumped backward from tower, survived two shots but I had to leave immeadiately, I recognized I haven’t chance with this ship here, what was perfect in Sansha 10/10 DEDs before.

So should you share with me here some good fittings to clear Blood Raider 10/10 DEDs?

The Blood Raider Fleet Stronghold fires Citadel torpedoes with 180,000 EM damage every 30 seconds.
You need high EM resists.

As I read marauders means the solution… Anyway Blood Stronghold cause seriously more damage than Sansha.

The Blood Raider Stronghold shots 4x faster… :o Great… :smiley:

I used Vargur to do those , never lost one .

I did this with two Rattlesnakes before the resistances nerf. Just MJD behind the stronghold and hope I knock it down faster than the rest of the fleet catches up, then warp away immediately.
Then the remaining ships despawn and you can go back in after 2-3 minutes to BM.

Well I plan to do with Golem, because my maximized skills is missile.

Can golem MJD and face-tank this thing with high enough EM resist? kill it fast enough to zip out?