Null Sec Blood Raider Ship possibilities

Trying to get a good battleship or similar to efficiently clear all combat sites (excluding ded’s, will just use a pally or a binged t3c). I know the rattlesnake is everyones go to but having no buff to EM damage and having the zero starting EM resists whats either the better fits or better ships to chose from.

Nightmare? Scorch should do wonders…

hadnt thought about that tho i dont know if its dps at a range is worth it

Why not go with yee olde 100mn passive shield Ishtar?
Should be capable of running anomalies just fine.

Well, once one has experienced the killspeed of a Marauder (he obv. can fly a Pala), anything below a thousand DPS with decent application just feels weak and barely worth using. The DPS of an Ishtar is probably way too low for his expectations. Depending on the spawn distances in these Anos, I’d try a blingy HAM Loki (100% EM damage, excellent application with HydraSet) because you can warp to safety quickly if someone enters the local. Or a FactionBS with MJD for emergency exit. Rattle with Curators+Inferno Missiles should hit hard, Nightmare as well, dunno how much tank is needed in the larger Anos with a BS signature… could be hard to get a comfortable fit without blinging too much…

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RHML Praxis and RHML Navy Geddon works very well for ratting in blood space. The fit should even be similar for the two.

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