PvE Fit for Sansha/Blood raiders 5/10 DED and HS ratting

Hello, i return playing after 3 years and i see a lots of changes in ships and modules. Someone has a fit for a ship that can do a 5/10 DED escalation of sansha and blood raiders? I’m proficient in armor, projectile and drone and can fly t3 gallente cruise. For ratting in HS i’m using a Vexor Navy Issue with drones and for now i’m fine but if there is anything better is welcome!
Thx to all!

Dual rep VNI for 5/10 and ishtar for other sites in hisec. T3 cruisers can’t enter most of the sites in hisec so they are mostly pointless.

If you are more into missiles, orthrus is probably your best bet for non T2 ships. Phantasm is great if guns are your thing. But you can make almost any cruiser work for all hisec sites expect 5/10’s. So I really strongly suggest aiming at most fun rather than focusing at min maxing.

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