Five-0 is open for recuiting, come join the fun!

We are a laid back group with a healthy mix of vets and newish players… We are currently looking for both PvP oriented pilots along with some industry folks that wanna shoot space rocks. We would prefer a 20 million SP minimum, however we will consider newbro’s willing to learn and participate with the group.

We offer:
PvP- Small, Medium Gangs, Blops, gate camps, venture hunting and more…
PvE- Null Sec Gurista Sites
Industry- Space Miners go brrrrrrr
Null Sec- All the glory of shooting other people just with bubbles, hot drops and more bubbles…
Explorers- Wanna go into the hole and see how far you can go… Sure thing… jump on tripwire, map it out and maybe end up on the other side of the galaxy.

Coms- Discord
All members must sign into seat for verification purposes.

If you are interested, drop by Five-0 Pub or send a mail to Embaum

P.S. If your still reading… Never trust a fart…

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Come Join the Midget Escapades and jump in Five-0 Pub…

join five-0 pub if your looking for a fun corp and a group that likes to laugh and shoot fireworks

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