Five-0 Open for recruitment

Five-0 is open for recruitment. We are currently looking for people who want to have a good time. We’d like it if you have 20 million skill-points, but we are open for discussion if you aren’t quite there. Five-0 does a little bit of everything.

We like to go PEW PEW (pvp)
We like to make our lasers go brrrrrr brrrrrr (Mining and building)
And we also like to explore and see where that takes us.

Where we are in null, there is a little bit of everything regardless of what you like to do. All we care about is having fun and putting RL first. We do require you to sign up on seat prior to joining. If you are interested, Please join Five-0 pub channel in game or message Embaum.


We all been there! Who wants to have fun and laugh? come talk to us and join five-0!

Looking for a laid back corp that does a little bit of everything? Or are you looking to learn other fun things to do in Eve? Come stop by five-0 pub and chat with us or send me a mail in game! We are a group that just likes to have fun, and always put RL first.

gate join five-0 pub if your looking for a fun group to join!

woop woop its the sound of the police

Five-0 is recruiting pvpers or anyone who is looking to live in null sec. We like to do a little bit of everything, just depends on our mood. We do ask that you have a minimum of 20 mil skillpoints. If you are interested join five-0 Pub or send Embaum a message in game!

Five-0 is looking for more members in the EU or US timezone. We’re a group of people who just want to have fun and have the freedom to do just that. Join five-0 pub or message Embaum in game!

We had a great mining OP last night! I think we have 15 mining boats on grid, some gate camping some bubbles, some ratting. Made about 1.5b, or so I am told, I don’t know which end of a mining laser to point at a rock!

Regardless, we are kicking things up a notch.

So here is the short and sweet:

We are a gaming group, we hang out and fly spaceships. That’s the primary thing: fun, comms, do we get along as people trying to have fun. If that’s what you are looking for, then bring yourself. DM me ingame, respond here, whatever you like! But let’s see if you are for cool people doing cool stuff.

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