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About us: We are, first and foremost, good people. Whether you are new and looking for your first real Corp, or just a grizzled veteran who just wants to settle down, Five-0 has something for you. With competent and caring leadership, both at the Corp and Alliance levels, you can enjoy the best of our 0.5 sec home, immediate access to low sec, and regular sorties into near-by blue-standing-null.

Five-0 is primarily a combat Corp, we encourage and support players who want to shoot ■■■■! Both PvP and PvE. Regular small gang roams, move to contact, and security operations happen daily. For those who need to make those ISKies; group ratting, complexes and all the other content you can want. As we grow, we will hold increasingly large PvP ops, bomber wing maneuvers, and declare wars. Your interest and goals drive policy! If you want to do a thing, leadership will help you find out how!

Are you more of an industrialist? No problem, we have a place for you as well. A strong core of miners and builders exist in the alliance. These folks are about support of the combat efforts and wealth building. High-Low Sec mining operations, tons of Alliance owned structures for refinery, building and research all exist within a stones throw of home.

Regardless of your chosen profession you will find supportive people who want to you to succeed. If you are narcissistic, a jerk, or just don’t play well with others, feel free to NOT apply.

Things we want from you:

  • Willingness to learn on the job and/or share your valuable knowledge with others. Teaching and teamwork are key.
  • Ability to follow orders on larger ops with our professional FCs. Learn from the FCs, and if you want to be one, we can help with that too!
  • A good attitude and a willingness to do fun group stuff.
  • Activity. We want to play, you want to play. As often as is feasible, but IRL stuff comes first, always.
  • Voice Comms. Ops are held over voice comms, and community is built by communication. You won’t have to be on every second you are logged in, but it is a requirement for operations and we encourage voice-use for everything else.

Come talk to us in-game @ Five-0 Pub!

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Discord link!

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Here is the shameless plug saying that recruiting is still open!!!

We conducted some war ops and killed some bad guys! Was good fun for everyone. Did I mention that we have world class fitting design? Regularly contracted doctrine boats so you can get all the stuff you need right at home?

Like it more informal with nano-jack-micro-yeet-fleets?

Ratting operations in mostly blue null sec?

We have some of everything! Be cool! Join Five-0!

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Shameless plug? Nah but we do have a midget if that works!!!

I was just told that you guys aren’t recruiting. You can contact me ingame.

We sure are recruiting!!! Someone from the Corp will contact you when possible. If you want to kick things off ASAP, please join ‘SILENT Pub’ in-game!

Great to see you all recruiting
This is a great group of pilots I would highly recommend for any pilots looking for that PVP flare

JonReese [RPR]

Great people to pvp with.

Need to keep post active
What’s the Chat: ————-
For the five-oh pub channel

They are still looking for members to join. Great corp and a a great alliance to join

Keep up the good fight

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