Five-o Is now recruiting

Are you wanting to PVP? or have you been wanting to learn how to PVP? even if your curious about it, come and say hi in Five-0 Pub or send me a mail in game. We are a group of friends who just like to shoot stuff and have a blast doing it. We also have PVE and mining if either of that interests you. We like to do a little bit of everything and just have a good time. Sometimes we load the goats and sometimes we chase our head midget through the grass. Come and Say hi or send Embaum a mail in game!

Chasing me through the grass is only acceptable if its tall grass

we will keep the grass tall for you just so you have enjoyment!


looking for a corp that just likes to have fun? and laugh? come stop by five-0 pub in game and chat. Or message me. We love to PVP, PVE and some even like to mine rocks. Regardless were just a group of friends who want to have a good time. If that is what your looking for five-0 could be for you.

We have cookies and midgets!

just having some fun. Opportunities every day, for everything!

come stop by and say hi! we are still looking for pvpers or people who want to shoot stuff

Do you love space? Do you have a spaceship? Are you cool? Do you have a soft spot for midgets? If yes to all of these questions…. We want to talk to you!

We have:

Lots of safe 0.0 space with plenty of Sov.
Money making opportunities out the @&&.
Cool people, and lively comms.
Coalition fleets and SRP!
Space stations
Pointy sticks
Real life comes first.
Friendly fire is on….

Only requirements are 10m+ SP, a mic and that you are cool to chat with.

We are fun and blood thirsty, seriously.

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