Five-O, Null Secs, PvE, Ratting and Midget Punting.. Open Recruitment

Five-0 Open Recruitment

We are a laid back group with a healthy mix of vets and newish players… We are currently looking for both PvP oriented pilots along with some industry folks that wanna shoot space rocks. We would prefer a 20 million SP minimum, however we will consider newbro’s willing to learn and participate with the group.

We offer:
PvP- Small, Medium Gangs, Blops, gate camps, venture hunting and more…
PvE- Null Sec Gurista Sites
Industry- Space Miners go brrrrrrr
Null Sec- All the glory of shooting other people just with bubbles, hot drops and more bubbles…
Explorers- Wanna go into the hole and see how far you can go… Sure thing… jump on tripwire, map it out and maybe end up on the other side of the galaxy.

Coms- Discord
All members must sign into seat for verification purposes.

If you are interested, drop by Five-0 Pub or send a mail to Embaum or Spidey Bro

P.S. If your still reading… Never trust a fart…

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Lots of fun and many options! Let us know if your interested! We are all shapes and sizes!

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Another eventful day of pixel explosions and Pod liberation to be had. Stop by Five-0 Pub and hang out. If your interested in small / medium null sec activities, drop in.

Also, we have real actual women in this corp… To you ladies, we are friends and have fun together! To you men, WE HAVE REAL ACTUAL WOMEN IN THE CORP. XD


Its another great day in Eve… With the economic report just released, ever wonder why people rat so much in Null, or Mine so much out here… Well come find out with us… Join Five-0 Pub today or send an in-game mail with questions.



Wanna give NS a shot and come play with bubbles and cruisers and the random roaming frigate gang… Drop by our Public Channel and say hi, upcoming offerings include mining ops, small gang roam this weekend and just general fun. Drop by and chat. Still looking for PvP pilots and miners… Cause Rocks are hard targets sometimes… o7

if your looking to have some fun in null and with a great group of people join Five-o Pub and chat with us! We’re still looking for pvpers and miners.

Does shooting at Rats not sound like its your kinda thing… What about space rocks? Still a hard no… Well why not try your hand at Ice Mining… Plenty to go around for players… Feel like setting up a bubble camp on a gate… Sure why not…Join our Public Channel and say hi, you might make some new midget friends… or just stay for entertainment.


Come join five-0 and chat with us if your interested! We like to do a little bit of everything. we have a great group of people that enjoy helping others out and play eve together.

Hi, is Five-0 like a police force?

Nope, we have an assorted group of members, including several pirates… We encourage members to play the game how they want to, whether it be via pirating, low sec, null sec, etc…

come join five-0 pub if your interested or just come and say hi!

come join five-0 chat and come say hi! still looking for people who want to pvp, mine or pve. We like to shoot stuff and have fun together!


We are still looking for pvp, miners and pve people. If your looking for a fun group to join come and say hi to us in five-0 pub! or convo Embaum