Five-O, Null Secs, PvE, Ratting and Midget Punting.. Open Recruitment

still looking for people that want to have fun! come say hi!

come by five-0 pub and say hi!

Looking for a fun group of people? look no more, join five-0! We like to do a little but of everything. Some days we pvp, some days we just want to make isk, and other days some just like to mine large rocks to build whatever they feel like building. Join five-0 pub today and say hi or send me a message! Will be a fun weekend!

We are still looking for pvp, miners and pve people. If your looking for a fun group to join come and say hi to us in five-0 pub! or convo Embaum.

Five-0 is still looking for people who want to live in null or take part in null. Where you can make good isk regardless of what your interests are in game. Come say hi in Five-0 Pub or convo me!

still wanting to get some more faces! Even if your unsure of null, come join us and we will help you get comfortable and start making the isk and having fun!

ardis and his tackles

We have cookies here!!!