Fix the blue donut, power projection


Please consider, that some of your great addons to the game, are enabling unfare gameplay from the big groups towards the smaller groups.

Remove access lists from all types of citadels and other player owned structures, such as cyno gens and jump gates.
Simplify the configuration:
Option 1: Alliance/Corp owner access only.
Option 2: Public

Price of services can be free for owner and adjustable for public.
To prevent scams / greef, price of service and access mode, should be adjusted only once per day, taking effect after DT.

Other related ajustments, like if jump gate is public, regular jump gate mechanics apply such as no jump in aggresion. Maybe even jump fatigue or wh stile prevention of jump spam.


There’s no good argument to make the game shitty for everyone just because you have an issue with a small section of the player base.

Wow. I have no words… other than to say: No. Are you an alt of Flashrain? This proposal is Flashrain-level bad.

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Starts thread about null power projection
Actually writes thread about ruining all upwell structures

Just no. Its my space station. I can do whatever the ■■■■ I want with it, including deciding who can dock in it. If you don’t like how someone’s station is treating you, blow it up, or move and build your own.

I’ve never really been part of the blue donut yet somehow I make plenty of ISK, and part of the reason why is the ability to do whatever I want with my stations. If you don’t like the blue donut, either HTFU and start evicting them or move.

I don’t know why people think they have some kind of right to krab in null without doing anything to secure their space dude. The entire point of null is to be owned by massive alliances. Why are people upset when it is then owned by massive alliances? If you people spent half as much time doing something about the blue donus as complaining about the blue donut maybe you’d be getting somewhere.

I’ve never been in BRAVE, but I remember when it formed. Now they own space in null. All they even did was get a bunch of people together that said “■■■■ this blue donut ■■■■ we want some space too” and they had no ■■■■■■■ idea what they were doing when they started. But THEY did it. Why can’t you?

Or how about when BoB owned like everything? Where are they now? Again, blue donut crashed because a bunch of people got together and said ■■■■ the blue donut.

They literally built a whole extra galaxy of null in wormholes without the ability to effectively power project several years ago. They added PvE instances you can literally summon out of your ass in hisec in the form of abyssal deadspace. They added moon mining to hisec and nerfed passive income in null.

There is nothing “unfair” about the gameplay of the existing big blocs. They have a bunch of players who all share common goals of locking down and farming the ■■■■ out of profitable space.

You don’t get a special handicap for being a smaller group, and CCP has been VERY good over the years at making sure smaller groups still have plenty of ways to make plenty of ISK.

I’ve been in big groups and small groups, fun factor is higher in small groups, isk factor is higher in big ones. Some of the smaller groups I’ve been in moved to NPC null and were happy. OP needs a reality check. Null isn’t easy, isn’t supposed to be easy, if you want it, work for it. Don’t ask for a handicap because you can’t adapt. Adapt and overcome is a basic requirement for the game.

Now you know how it feels when a third party allows use of it’s airfields to one side during a war.

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