Fix your twtich drops CCP!

Hello! I’m here regarding the EVE online drops, this is not about the drops’ rewards, but actually the way they are implemented in twitch.

When there is a twitch drop enabled and ready to achieve for a viewer, there is created a “campaign” for that game; in that campaign, you can see which rewards you can get in said campaign, how many hours required (and other requirements if any), the time they will become available, etc.

The last EVE campaigns on twitch have been campaigns that lasted for 3 days, containing only 1 reward, and after that one is completed, there was the next one right after the finish date of the previous one, which contains a new single rewards, that last for 3 days, and after its complete, there was another campaign with a new single rewards that lasted for 3 days… This been happening like campaign “week 1.1” the next one “week 1.2”, the next one “week 1.3”, the next one “week 2.1”, etc.

A “normal” twitch drops campaign contains around 3~6 rewards and last from 2 days to several weeks long, which makes them easy to track, check the rewards, make schedules to watch and get them, etc.

Since the way the EVE drops campaign have been working, its really hard to tell if there’s currently drops available, or if there will be soon, further more hard to tell if after this 3 days there is going to be another…

CCP can you please rework your campaigns by doing something like one per week or even monthly where we can see what we can get, but also when and how long it will be available, without check every single day because, not because the lack of advert about the drops, but the lack of previsibility on them, other than we know there are going to be more than one due to the description “week 1”. allows to be a date restriction on each reward on each campaign, so it’s not necessary to start each campaign in a different date to time-gate the rewards; there’s also the option to cause a rewards to require the previous rewards to be obtained first, so there is no need to put one after another successively ending the previous campaign first.

The EVE drops in twitch, particularly, are being quite messy to track and complete due to these reasons; as a formal twtch watcher, I must complain about this system CCP is using in their campaigns and its really bothering me.

ty for reading!


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Like everything EVE starts, the first week was well implemented, the second was sloppy, and now they barely acknowledge they have a twitch drop program.

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