Help on twitch drops!

I was trying to have some time to watch CCP twitch channel to earn the rewards but:

I don’t think I follow, the stream is 6AM my time, and only lasts for one or two hours?

And even so, I cannot even find the drops campaign in twitch for EVE; I’m told next stream will be tomorrow 22 / September, but I’m not really going to wake up so early for a stream that’s relative short and doesn’t figure in the twitch machine.

Is there something I am missing and/or any way I could get the drops without having a girls night, a bender, a dryout and manage to get sober just in time for the stream?


I believe that the next stream is from Fan Fest, so it will be going until 16:00 Eve time.

I haven’t seen the new drops start yet. I think it will be today.

Oh! Ok, but… stream lasts for 11 hours and twitch drops total view time is 11:30 hours …?

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