Twitch Drops

Anyone else having trouble with Twitch drops?

I’ve linked my EVE account with twitch and registered my character in the chat during streams. I’ve thus far collected the skins from the alliance tournament as well as the most recent drops during CSM interviews, but none of the drops have showed up for me to redeem in game.

Am I missing something? Seems others in the twitch chat have received the drops within a few minutes of collecting them during a stream.

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Maybe submit a Support Ticket for the issue?

Yeah I just made a similar post on reddit, Not working too well for me either, if i learn anything from anyone over there i can post info here, I didn’t try the !ign thing, just tried it now, see if that helps. I wonder if you have to be watching official twitch partners. Sadly, there’s not a lot of trouble shooting methods in the actual article


restarting both the client and launcher normally will solve this. If not, best to get with support: EVE Support: Contact Options


Probably need to get with support then, I’ve re booted my entire computer and my launcher is up to date, so not sure what else to try.

Edit: I submitted a help ticket (thanks for the link :slight_smile: ) I will share if I learn anything helpful here.

I’ve linked my account but I cannot find any CCP or EVE related streams that have Drops enabled.
Is there some sort of trick to finding them?

drops need to be enabled while your watching the stream, check out the streams during fanfest there should be new drops then.

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Note that it’s super confusing because there are two separate yet seemingly identical reward tracks, one for watching CCP official channels and a DIFFERENT ONE for watching partners. The rewards appear to be the same(!) but you have to progress them separately which is the stupidest thing I have seen in a Twitch Drop campaign lol.

So, if you’re watching a CCP stream and it ends, then they raid some other channel and you switch to getting progress on the partner reward track. If you don’t notice this, it will quickly go to 100% on the first 30 minute watch reward and until you claim it FROM THE CORRECT REWARD TRACK it won’t progress any further there.

Needlessly complicated and confusing.

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