Twitch Drops -Time frame to short?

Anyone else feel that the drops are happening a little to fast? Only a few days to complete? I’d like to see it be a week per drop rather than a couple of days. Half the time I don’t even see the drop until it’s almost over.

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Mr Epeen :sunglasses:

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Drops don’t exist for us, they exist for them. They’re trying to condition you into being more active about checking out EVE streams and news, possibly even following them. The more time limited they are the more fomo it is.

It takes you more than a few days to idle a stream for 4 hours?

You get multiple days to do each tier, and the only rewards that are worth it are the skin ones anyway


Bro. Find a stream with drops, mute it and move on to whatever else you’re doing. This is how I’ve received every drop I ever wanted for whatever game it was…

You don’t even have to be present.

They should just give them all out during the official live streams. I don’t have enough effs to give about some random streamer’s opinion to watch, nor am I willing to waste the bandwidth to mute same random streamer for 4 hours. I’ve better things to spend bandwidth on than that.

wrong direction, in my humble opinion.

While other games have 15-30 minutes for a reward, CCP does the 4 hours.

And instead of a week-long event with sequential unlocks, it’s a new event every day so unless you watch twitch while at work, good luck getting the better stuff that only shows up on a tues/weds/turs.