Twitch Drops! Titans?

So… Did anyone else select Titans as Twitch drops in the last CCP survey?

I know I did.


CCP taking a page from Warframe’s book.

Good on them!

I miss the times where CCP had some original thoughts. The game is becoming more and more generic. Its like they double down on their strategy every year it doesent pay off. I dont know whats going on in that company. The CEO hasnt been able to grow it for over 10 years. But hes still the CEO. Other gaming companies have experienced insane growth over the last 10 years. The gaming industry is booming. But CCP is struggling to make ends meet and there doesent seem to be any consequences for the people in charge.

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Not trying to go off topic here (I would love to see Titan drops for like 500 hours watched) but keep in mind that as more games are released, there’s fewer new ideas that have yet to be found, and only a fraction of them apply to Eve

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If CCP would give out a reward that has more than cosmetic value or is something lost to time like the generic login boosters, you can expect people to exploit this.

Even more so if the stuff you give out can be RMT’d.

not even CCP can be this dumb to Twitch Drop titans into the game.


The introduction of Twitch Drops for EVE Online is a good thing. It will encourage players to watch not only the official channel, but also the EVE Partners’ channels - to the benefit of both parties. While the actual drops should not be in-game items (be it ships, minerals or modules), SKINs or certain amounts of PLEX would be a tempting offer.


Super capitals are worthless unless they are accessible and actually usable.

Resource and time costs for all capitals are ridiculous. They need to be cut 50-75% across the board.

Make the game fun again. and not a 9-5 IRL simulator that is less rewarding than an actual job.

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CCP did make the best moves in the latest xpac to lower the cost of caps (along with decimating highsec). They were on a rampage to stop Goons from having so many two years ago also which is odd. I think most content is locked behind paywalls and also only becomes available to the players who get in the only line available (straight into a nullblock as F1 monkey). Its sad. Ive produced massive amounts of capital ships (not supercaps) and if i had to guess…5% get used in combat more than once. Most just sit in a station or get resold to the next guy who hasnt learned reality yet.
Anyone else think that CCP preaching scarcity a few years ago and then doing a 180 and making things cheap again was simply based on the tides of war between PH and Goons? It seem to me that whatever is good for PH is what happens… until players revolt and blow up a Keepstar and then nothing should be left behind for the winner if its not PH.
CCP used to care about the economy and employ economists to track it. Now they do the same as all other companies milking the player base for cash… endless inflation and driving the sale of in game currency. They even do store sales now with the intent to drive real money sales which pays off in game a month or two later. The extractor sales for example. If you watch what they do… pay attention. They offer a plex sale for irl money on the website. At the same time they offer a sale in the NE store for extractors bought with plex at 50% off. This begs you to spend irl money on plex, then buy extractors and 45 days later you can slowly sell them back on the market for 200m profit each. The last time they did it, I know a guy who made over a TRILLION with 700 extractors. Its obvious to me what they do because I follow the money.

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There are no original thoughts left to have at this point in history. Your post is a fine example of that. As well as my response to it, for that matter.

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:

This totally appeals to my target demographic. I can’t wait to be targeted with reward-driven cross-promotional opportunities. This will increase my engagement with the brand and up my digital storefront conversion rate for sure.

Fam, this is going to be so lit, no cap.


I keep getting this error

{“status”:401,“message”:“invalid csrf token”}

No way!

Anyone else created 100 twitch accounts just to be prepared?

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I must say - so far the drops are interesting. Initial apparel set (reused asset - not so long ago this apparel was used to promote creaton of EVE Online accounts via Epic Games) and Gnosis SKIN rewards were OK-ish. But curret set of drops is good.

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so what you are saying is that you would like a Titan right? :wink:

If ccp want to hand out skins and cosmetic stuff, go wild.

If they want to hand out in game assets, then it should be limited to the assets of banned accounts. This would include ships and modules and skillpoints stripped from those banned accounts.

I don’t know how many Titan pilots have had their accounts banned, but I daresay it wouldn’t be many.

these are all very much “redeem in Jita for convenience” drops

once a year we have an in game event called wack-a-bot for that no?

Yeah, there’s a couple that are stupid and get done.
But it’s a tiny minority of all Titan pilots.

exactly, so what your saying is we should get titans as twitch drops right? :wink: