[FIXED] Update to "Pulling CONCORD is now a permaban offense"

i see no salt just confusion, pulling concord as far as im aware is not an exploit and never has been, ccp even confirmed this a few days ago. all i see is another gm that likely doesn’t play eve or understand the fine detail of the mechanics at play.


we need a clear answer stop with these mind games pls

If you look, these kind of threads are popping up all over the forum, in general and other sub-forums. It’s nothing but a troll.

epic GM troll ? xd

All I can say is, Calm down gankers.

for defensive or upcoming aggressive actions


That’s 2 of the threads yes, there are even 2 more in this subforum.

1st time post. Enough said. :upside_down_face:

It’s the anti-gankers and loot thieves I feel sorry for.

inb4 the lock on another pointless thread.

I flagged the GM post. Just let people pull concord, who cares.

Agreed, Aaaarrgg, there’s nothing that’s changed as far as I can see. The original exploit details are years and years old, and nothing has changed recently. If there was, you’d expect some official post to say so rather than springing stuff on players.

Whatever the outcome of the ridiculous back and forth that CCP reps have been having on this issue in public spaces, can we please get an update to the exploit notification if it is determined that CCP Arcade is off his rocker, or a new exploit notification if this is indeed the new guidance. It would be nice to actually put this to rest.

Killing more gameplay avenues I see.

ye thats what i wanna hear, i want a concrete final answer instead of flip flopping

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As stated in @GM_Arcade 's post:

All the information is here. https://support.eveonline.com/hc/en-us/articles/204873262-Known-Declared-Exploits

It’s not updated with what Arcade said, and Paragon and swift said something different… thats what all this is about, who makes the final decision a GM or a CCP?

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So if any random player pulls concord to a highsec belt to make their response time faster, you have to leave this belt if you are also mining there or maybe risk getting into trouble for “defensive” concord pull. That is hell of a way to keep people out of your mining belts in highsec xD

All the information is there, but the interpretation of the vaguely worded rule is the issue at hand.

Committing a criminal act and delaying CONCORD response for an extended period.
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It’s most likely decided to be an exploit if you mess with the standard CONCORD timings, of which I’m sure all you gankers are highly aware of and is mechanically tied to a systems’s security status rating.