Flakmode for Autocannons

Special Ammo “Flak Charges” that once loaded, damage hostile drones and missiles within a 5km (Small) 7.5km (Medium) 10km (Large) and 15km (XLarge) Radius automatically.

Unlike Smartbombs the Flak is targetted damage. It can be used in HS and LS without catching a criminal timer based on safety settings (similar to zappy bois) but function like FoF missiles, the charges expand as drones and missiles are being engaged automatically.

The small, medium and large Flak charges however do less damage than their T2 smartbomb counterparts.

I would love to see ACs get some love and maybe make fitting autocannons in utility high slots (such as the turret slots on the cyclone) feasable.

I’d love for there to be secondary batteries at all, because the idea of a ship the size of insert anything larger than a cruiser having 0 secondary weapons is silly.

BUT… Unsure that’d be a great idea for server stability, let alone CCP’s elementary level understanding of ship balance.


Flak charges would make more sense for artillery . ACs can be seen already as PDS , like CWIS .
Like Ken said, i would also love to see more slots on ships with more fitting options , more modules , but CCP is already having a bad time balancing properly what we already have .
We have the EDENCOM ships that kinda fit the role you seek for .

I’m sure drones take the place of second batteries. But still allow smaller ships an option of de-fanging.

How can it be a radius and targeted? If there were 2 drones and a friendly are you saying it would hit both drones but not the friendly?

Yes. . . .



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