Flawed Existence Recruiting - New Corporation Forming

Flawed Existence is a forming Exploration/PVE Corporation looking to start recruiting. I’ve been playing since 2006, I’ve spent several years in NULL and I’m just tired of the politics of NULL, the time required, and the blob warfare. I’m looking to form a CASUAL group of pilots. I want members to still enjoy playing their own game play as well as helping the corporation. I’m looking for Explorer’s, Mission runners, Marketers, and Indy pilots. The only requirements to join are listed below.

  1. Must be 18 or older
  2. RL comes first ALWAYS.
  3. Ability to use 3rd party software such as Team Speak or Discord.
  4. Be respectful to all pilots not just corp mates. Your actions represent the corporation as a whole.

If your interested or have more questions you can contact me in game or join Flawed Existence Recruiting channel.

Fly Safe!

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