Seeking a parter to help build corp

Hello All,

Its been a while since I played, but my character is many years old. I am looking for new members and one or two people to help run the corporation with me. My plan is to build a new base and then work on getting new members. I am open for all types of game play if we are having fun. I do web design so I will also build a new website for the corporation and have a member’s area.

If you are adventurous and wish to help me build up a corp, then please contact me. If you are a player looking for a corporation to join, then please contact me as I am seeking all people who wish to help me with this new corp and that wants to have a lot of fun.

I work from home so I have a lot of time I could put into this if you are willing to help me.

Please contact me anytime or in-game using character Bigbadbill_Winchester

I am coming back to EVE after some time off. I am looking for a partner to run my Corporation and also members. I am open for all types of exploration, PVE, PVP, and so on.

Please contact me here or in-game.

Character = Bigbadbill_Winchester

What kind of corporation and duties would you be looking for?

Unless youre deadset on being a CEO and having your own corp, we could use a guy with your time and attitude in our corp. Let me know.

UNKSO needs more people like you!

Hello BIgbadbill.
Would you be interested in building your corp inside a 0.0 alliance? I am recruiting corps for
Care Factor. We are a Sov holding Alliance in Provi.
Send me an ingame evemail if you like.

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