Fleet support skills

At what point does it make sense to stop fleet support skilling?

Are the specialties worth training to 5 for an occasional booster? Do people train their dedicated boosters to 5 in everything?

At what point is the bonus so incremental that it isn’t worth the grind?


At Fleet Command V. If you have nothing better to train, of course.

I have always read that training drone, Gun, missile spec to 5 is a waste of time. I’m just asking if there is a point in training fleet support skills where you are doing the equivalent 10 extra dps for a 20-40 day slog. Does pyfa tell you ranges and strengths of bursts?

These skills at level 5 are certainly something to delay until you have covered all other bases sufficiently. In Pyfa, you can setup different character setups to see different boost ranges. For instance, I have a Ferox with Fleet Command IV with a burst range of 47 km. With Fleet Command V, you get 49.3 km range. This does not sound like a lot but in a fleet fight it can mean the difference between boosting a Sabre to help your logi rep it better or losing it.


If you fleet a lot then yes getting specialist skill to 5 is worth it.

FC’s will love you, even if you’re not in fleet the boost effects still effect your ship, so armour/shield commands can increase your resistance, hit points and/or regen, depending on what setup you’re using.

I have command destroyers that with rapid response script will boost to 12.8kmps, have command ships with tank scripts with over 92%resistant. As I said above command skills aren’t just for fleeting.


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