Wing Command 5

What effect does wing command 5 have for a player that is not the FC? It has been a while since I’ve played actively. Years ago I was in a fleet and the FC asked for any player with wing command 5 to get into the wing command spot on the fleet list. I think it had something to do with the number of people that can be in that wing. I have heard many things have changed. Can somebody explain to me what effect this would have if I were in a fleet?

Someone with WC5 can hold 5 squads in the fleet and pass on bonuses to squad commanders. Just like a Fleet commander needs FC5 to be able to hold 5 wings in their fleet (and generally will be in a command ship/T3/etc).

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The skill had changed, and the skill’s description is “Increases Command Burst and Mining Foreman Burst area of effect range by 6% per skill level.”

Essentially it gives your command links (skirmish, info, shield or armor) extra range of effect. It means that your fleet members can be slightly further from your link ship to benefit from the bonuses.


Incursions it’s very useful were things get 100km+ away. Having that extra… 10-20km is a great quality of life. Mining too also people can mine more of the moon belt/ore anom. They do get pretty spread out.

PVP it’s likely less needed as fleets are more tightly formed (sub 100km) But again still is a great skill to have as an FC.

People get boosts sooner, saves time, can possibly save lives.

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