Fluid security

In the spirit of the season of chaos, adaptive security for high and low sec.

The sec status of systems would be adaptive based on the usage of them. Highly active systems would get a highsec status and systems with near zero usage would see their sec status drop to near null.

The system resources would update during DT, and quiet systems with their dropping sec would regain rare resources, while busy systems would lose them. this would make resources in the game more finite in the sense that if you abuse a system you strip it bare. But if you manage the rate of abuse properly you could score properly. Concord presence would chance in similar way, with quiet systems not being paid attention to. NPC pirates would become harder and more profitable as well.

I think this kind of system would be more realistic for a place like the new eden, specially considering the new direction of chaos. This would open random chances for profit as people could find some backwater system to mine dry, and the systems would shift around as people hunt each other and profits.

This system results in all systems becoming null.
Because as systems lose sec status they become less active especially once they tip into low sec.
It’s not a remotely balanced idea.

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It’s not going to happen.

Groups of players will try to make sure key systems lose sec status, and like nevyn says, once it reaches a certain point, players will avoid it such that the sec status gets even lower faster.

Security status of HS/LS space has nothing to do with capsuleer activity but with the presence of main NPC factions.

If anything variable security “rating” should be applied to null security space: the more “pirates” are killed the higher the truesec becomes resulting in less and lower quality of anoms spawning.

Chaos does not mean “let’s just throw in bad ideas.”

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