Mid-security systems

Change some systems to middle ground between hi-sec and low-sec space.

Like Hi-sec space there is CONCORD in systems
Unlike Hi-sec CONCORD don’t care if something happens outside of protected areas (gates, NPC stations)

To create space that is dangerous to live (missions and anomalies are PvP zones) but safe to travel.
Bonus points is LP/ISC rewards for missions would have x1.2-1.5 multiplier for risk compared to Hi-sec

Expected effects:

  1. Simplify transition from Hi-sec player to Low/Null-sec player.
    Many players have quite frustrating first experience of PvP (jumped to system - BOOM! - you’re dead). In such space them will at least see it coming
  2. Such systems have potential of creating dynamic hunter-prey ecosystem. Them will likely attract more people per system than Null-sec so such gameplay will generate more fun.

PS IMO rewards for missions should be based on system security level of mission not agent

Just more shades of dead as if Eve doesn’t have enough shades of dead already. I think Eve is already over complicated and needs more simplification.

Just a rough sample of output from the ESI API on system security_status


The precision of the system security status imo is ludicrious. How can one even interpret that?

Instead of mucking with the current systems we have or adding new ones, why not just buff lowsec sentry guns or something? I don’t really agree with either suggestion but it’s less of a mess than yours.

This is what gate cloak is for. You get a whole minute to plan how you’re going to not die. If you panic and do something dumb, that’s your fault. I guarantee you that they’ll get a similar experience with a cloaky thing the moment they go to do anything.

What the hell does this even mean? It’s just a bunch of buzzwords strung together.


In my experience, low sec is the middle ground between high sec and null sec that is dangerous to live in but relatively safe to travel.

Gate guns, no bubbles… if your ship aligns fast or uses a cloak it’s very safe space to travel through, much safer for travel than other space like null sec, wormhole space or Pochven.

Sure, living in low sec can be dangerous, but travel is relatively safe.


The smartbomb gate camps are the major danger in lowsec for travel.

Use information sources to determine risk.


Consider alternative methods to entering regions, filament routes or WH’s. Also just after DT is possibly safer.

It’s quite easy to write a route planner checker tool, I have a bunch of functions in PowerShell I use tailored to my needs. You don’t need a devkey for public API routes.

Yep, I have lost ships that way.

But that problem is rather easily avoided by good use of dscan, celestials and in case you go there more often, bookmarks.

Low-sec is safe to travel only when there is no active players. Mid-sec will be safe to travel even with them.

Your experience don’t correlate with mine.
Low-sec is more dangerous to live and travel then Null-sec. In Null it’s much easier to avoid dangerous players just because there are much less players per system.
Low-sec is “middle” ground. Place that should have less dangers than Nulls but have more of them.
Maybe I just usually visited too populated Low-sec systems like FW-zones

PS everything short of 1s align ships can be caught by camps. This includes 2s align ships. (Also new players will not have 2s align speed)

‘Safe’ is relative. Even high sec is not safe with active players around, so no newly created system that is in between high and low sec will ever be safe either, unless it’s more safe than high sec.

Then maybe find some low sec systems that are less traveled? I don’t live in low sec, but usually when I pass through low sec it’s really empty. Might be related that I pass through low sec systems from null sec side, rather than on the high sec gate.

Null sec on the other hand is much more lively (and dangerous!) than most low sec systems I’ve been in. But again, I might be biased because I’m living in a rather active part of null sec that sees a lot of roaming hostiles.

It widely varies how dangerous null sec or low sec is based on the players that are around. And it will be a lot safer to travel in null sec that is under control by your allies, while hostile null sec space with bubble camps can be a lot more dangerous. But even those can be navigated if you know how.

So yes, our experiences do not correlate. So based on experience alone we cannot objectively tell whether null sec or low sec is more dangerous.

However, based on ingame rules we can. Any PvP that is allowed in low sec is allowed in null sec, but low sec has a few protective measures that make it safer to travel through: no bombs allowed and no bubbles allowed. So, according to the game rules low sec is safer to travel through than null sec.

While technically people can catch 2s align ships, I’ve only been caught by such a camp once by taking a highly traveled pipe in high sec with war targets around. If you stay away from the most common routes people likely won’t waste time and resources to set up a camp like that.

Also, they can set up such a camp anywhere, including null sec, or like my experience: high sec. So this danger isn’t unique to low sec.

Second, I don’t know what new players start with, but you only need Evasive Maneuvering level 2 combined with Spaceship Command level 1 to have a shuttle align within 2s.

If they don’t get those levels by default, then they can train it in a few minutes.

Super safe travels through low sec are therefore accessible to newbies too, at least once they figure out how to use their d-scan and bounce from celestials after they’ve been smartbombed the first time.

Lack of safeness probably correlates with carelessness.

That cool Thera system can sometimes radically shorten your trip.

Signal Cartel are doing good work.

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