Flying an AT ship

I recently acquired an AT ship and I was wondering what advice people have for flying it. I have max skills for the hull, including relevant support skills. My plan is to fit a standard hull to approximate the characteristics of my AT ship and get comfortable with the handling. Ater that I plan to engage in FW plexes with my AT ship to limit cyno/blob exposure. I will also need to multibox to adequately support my ship.

I plan on losing my AT ship. Hopefully after I get some kill marks on it, but it is not a hangar ornament. If anyone has advice on how to extend the life of my hull while actively seeking engagements, please let me know.


That depends on what AT ship it is, there are so many different ones and they all need to be fit differently.


Goes without saying covert ops cloak, I would use modules that increase scan resolution to take advantage of the no targeting delay after decloak.
Web and scram of course to pin down the target, I would be inclined to use an ASB if it would fit.
I would not seek exact fits as it would give someone critical insight in your ship and they could use that to their advantage.

Thank you. I agree, I would not want to make my fit public. I am thinking about using a separate ship to hold tackle while my chremoas kites, opening up some mid slots for tank. That will test my multiboxing skills, however.

Well there’s this guy:

I definitely agree with the notion of dual prop/web/disruptor

Not sure about strategy. I think one thing that’s obvious is don’t stay put for too long. Word will get around every time you decloak in a system. I would try to have the self control to leave a system after 15 minutes or so even if you’re in the throws of ecstasy induced by rampage.

Also watch out for the Vonhole crew, maybe keep constant tabs on them. Be weary of brand new astero/stratios pilots or empty killboards in general. Putting a cyno on your support alt might be a good idea in case you need some friends or alts to bail you out.

Try to enjoy it while it lasts! I’m a little jealous I have to admit but I would die in the first fight probably.

Be ready for it to die, always have a scout in case of smartbombers, do not get predictable, to not use it multiple days in a row, do not always fly it in the same systems but if you do make sure you know what characters are in local.
Trust the people you fly with, don’t go out of your comfort zone with the multiboxing yourself.
Don’t use it tired, only when you can perform best, don’t go for risky kills cause of greed, better don’t take risks and get more kills/fights with it.

Thanks, I will be on the lookout for the Vonhole crew. I think I will generally have a target on my back when flying this ship. I have also considered contacting Dark Magni and getting his take on the hull. Thanks for your help.

Yeah, my big risk is flying tired and taking short-cuts that put my ship at risk. I simply can’t do that with this hull.

the thing about vonhole is, he injects a new astero for each target, he has decloaked 4k off me already, it’s a good idea to stay aligned when possible and not getting locked by anything on grid while the finger sits on the cloak button.

Also stay aware of your sec status and make sure you don’t kill stuff in highsec :slight_smile:
or kill a pod and jump high, the usual stuff

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Yeah, I will need to get used to activating cloak at the drop of a hat. Looks like you have a good crew with you based on that kill, how did CODE get so many AT ships? I though they only flew catalysts and tornados. The Tiamat was my second ship choice after the Chremoas, it seems really underpriced right now considering the cost of other AT ships.

You’re not ready if you have to ask such silly questions.

Been waiting for this comment. Surprised it took so long.

if you’re using it for plex camping then you’re pretty safe, specially if you use an alt to bait+tackle before decloaking the chrem.

That is my plan, especially at first. Thanks for the response, it a nice to hear my strategy is not totally off base.

Fly it like you stole it. Who cares if you loose it so long as you had fun. ■■■■ the risk aversion.

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One key tip, when looking at zkill fits, look at it and see where they went wrong, and avoid making the same fit mistakes.

If you see a zkill with a number of pods listed in the killers list then you’ve found a possible good fit, which only dead due to being out numbers or a player mistake.

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