FOB rats are OP?

(darkestkhan Eriker) #21

I am capable of dealing with fob rats on my own… as an industrialist. Doesn’t even take that much effort.

(Anderson Geten) #22

one hull tanked megathorn with mwd, grappler, scram and web can take down a single fob squad.

(Jonni Rico) #23

Friends acquired. Problem solved.


(Fluffy Moe) #24

I had FOB rats warp on top of me several times and took them out without too much trouble. So not quite sure what to tell you there. The only time I had a problem was the 1st time I was engaged by them as I simply wasn’t quite ready or thinking about it.

2nd, if push comes to shove, kill the FOB and they will go away.

O and with regards to the D-Scan. While the NPCs may not show up the FOB itself does and if you’re at -10 faction to them and experienced player then you already know what that means. Just hop onto your favorite T3C or whatever else and kill them. Not too difficult.

(elitatwo) #25

But they do when you add them in the overview settings in “entities”, the diamond tagged NPCs at the bottom of the list.

(Peter Yurgin) #26

I also think it’s a good idea until they show up in .9s and 1.0s. These systems should not have these FOBs spawn here. Sansha incursions should be the same way. And concord should be doing their job of stopping these rats these high sec security status.
This is besides the point people are taking out the FOB in Vexors with ogres and being speed tanked. So when the rats land on the spot the vexor is already too far away and they need to rewarp again to the vexor while the ogres are out attacking the FOB.

(Peter Yurgin) #27

Does anyone else agree that this is broken? It can now be solo’d in a single rattlesnake or a speed tanked Vexor. Check the kills. This should not appear in .9s and above but it has been figured out so much that 1 guy can fly around just knocking them all down at will.

(Nevyn Auscent) #28

The scaling was done poorly. Adding pilots actually made it harder, not easier.