FOB rats are OP?

I’m all for the advanced AI and the idea of the FOB and the rats pissing me off by reinforcing my citadels and all that.

I draw the line at their ability to land directly on top of me when I warp in to a bounce on my citadel. This ability exceeds the ability of ACTUAL players, as these NPCs don’t have to launch combat probes or anything. They just warp to any point they please, without having to scan or any delay that simulates a scan.

This is an actual game-breaker for me as my home system is under siege by these OP advanced-AI rats. As such, I withold subscription on all accounts until they’ve been brought to a level that simulates actual players, or my loss has been replaced. Who wants to play against some god-like entity with unlimited ability to move in space as they please? Not me.

EDIT: AND they pod you

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Cant imagine people having a number of warp bookmarks around their own structure in hostile space they are expecting a fight at…
It’s not like players have webs of bookmarks that allow them to warp basically anywhere on grid.

Oh wait, they do. It’s their home, if you can have bookmarks they damn well can as well.

If you complained about how they all are fitted with full faction mods and perfect V skills but drop no loot… I’d have some sympathy there.
But not for this.


I simply ignore the roaming FOB rats. They shot at my citadel continuously for a solid month. Managed to reinforce it once but there weren’t enough of them to pause the repair timer when it came out of reinforcement so I left them alone. At no time did they interfere with arrivals or departures.


They had no problem reinforcing my citadel.

It’s not like players have webs of bookmarks that allow them to warp basically anywhere on grid.

‘basically anywhere’ and ‘10km from you, no matter where you land’ are hugely different imo

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It’s entirely possible to set up a web of bookmarks that do that since you can warp to them at range. People have them around gate camp gates and the like.
Yes the npcs probably are just warping to you because it’s far less resource intensive to program than trying to work out which of 200 perches is the best to use. But what it is simulating is within player capabilities when on a prepared home turf.


AND they pod you


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Even the regular responce fleets in a non fob system can and will point, ewar, neut, and kill an orca.
Especially if it’s a cruiser mix gang. All you have to do is land on the wrong belt without dscanning and be red to the npc miners.

They are designed to f*** up everything in their system and I think it’s a good idea. We had 2 of them in one of our system in 5 weeks. But we managed to get a fleet together and killed the FOB, problem solved.

If I remember right there is even a group of players killing FOBs for you, if you pay them.


Not really. Players can warp bounce and warp on top of you using probes in a very similar way.

I think it perfectly fine there are NPCs that behave in a different, even more life-like way, and not just line up to be shot like a duck in a shooting gallery like most old-style NPCs. They are far from unbeatable - they just require different tactics.

You are just upset over losing something. Pick yourself up, evaluate the situation and figure out what you need to beat these things, and give it another go. In a few days your threat to rage-quit over this will be a just a fading, and slightly embarrassing, memory.


Can confirm the unnecessary sarcasm. 350+ bookmarks at the boundless creations station in Hek, several hundred more in the whole system, hundreds around structures set up elsewhere. FOB rats aren’t OP, they’re just really nasty and interesting to deal with.

People who cry OP sometimes should ask themsekves if they aren’t just not good enough and need to up their game.

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I disagree with that. If you are a 100% infustrial player you can’t deal with the FOB rats on your own.
This doesn’t mean you are not good enough, it only mean that you are not good enough at fighting to kill the FOB rats.
So perhaps look for players who are good enough at killing FOB rats and make a deal with them (pay them, produce for them, join their corp/ally, what ever).

To be fair, the way FOB Rats scale actually punishes people who aren’t ubber solo death machines and go out to find some friends to help them. They should have been set up with a fairly decent minimum spawn which would really mess up solo fits, aimed for a group of 5 good people or 10 T1 Cruisers/BC’s/BS, & then scaled much slower, so if you weren’t great you just hit with 30 people and massively overkill it. Rewards would be lower per person but if you just want it gone why not.
That would be far more EVE than the current FOB scaling.

Now of course that isn’t what the Op complained about, they complained about something that PvP groups do. But doesn’t mean that there aren’t valid complaints about FOB gameplay.

That. And high sec does not mean boring place to sleep in. :slight_smile: But I fully understand players, who want to live solo in some corner they call their own… Just need to train to some ship, capable of taking down FOB solo… Some blinged out Rattlesnake or even Leshak may be way to protect your system from FOB.

I dont know if you could get a ship together wich can solo those FOBs, bt with a small group you can do it…

Ask him how to use rattlesnake to solo FOB on regular basis.

Holy s***, I thought those couldn’t be done solo xD

Well, zkillboard does not display 10 neutral logies, repping the sore rattershake…

They actually can be done solo, those are legit solo’s. Because the spawns escalate with number of pilots in a very linear manner… Yet your ability to cope with incoming DPS doesn’t actually scale in a linear manner. Which means that adding more pilots often leaves you with a fleet less capable of taking the FOB down.
Hence my earlier point about the scaling being poorly calculated.

That’s the spirit!

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