FOR SALE: FOCUSED Phoenix Pilot Max Missiles/T2 Siege/575k Unallocated

Caldari Dread 5.
T2 Siege
Max missile skills
575k unallocated SP

2 Bonus remaps

To please the forum police.
npc corp
positive wallet
no jump clones
no kill rights
Will be in high sec.

All the usual rules apply.

30b /


Please send isk and account info to this character.

nice price

Haven’t had any response. Pilot is back on the market.

Can you post a price for the toon?



A lot to be desired here. Definitely not worth 30b.


I agree, however i am looking for 21b


I can do 21 bil


Accepted. Please send isk and account information to this character and i can begin the transfer.

ISK and account details have been sent.

Thank you.

Transfer has started.