WTS 88.7M SP, Phoenix, Golem, Widow+++

Heavily focused Caldari pilot for sale with lots of other goodies, some highlights below.

Caldari Dread V
Marauders V
Black Ops V
Cal/Amarr/Gall BS V
Command Ships V
Armor/Shield Mindlinks

Bidding Starts at 63b.

Character also comes with some pods.

  • Mid Grade Askleps
  • Geno Pod
  • LG Saviors

Positive wallet, no kill rights, located in Jita 4-4 with all jump clones.

Thread reopened

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54 billions

Thanks for the offer but not willing to accept an amount below the starting bid I listed which is a shade above extraction.

63b b/o

Please see above comment regarding 63b starting bid, thanks for the offer though.


Sorry I misread this originally maybe, I’ll take the 63b buyout if you’re interested. If you are send ISK and account name and I’ll initiate the transfer.

63b := ?

He hasn’t replied so if you’re interested yeah.

can you once more confirm it so I can send you the chart name and isk

='*? can i send the isk?

ok I take back the offer

Sorry was traveling yesterday, yes you can send it to this character, I’ll initiate today.

Char transfer is down, you cannot initiate today

Guess bump then, this char is still available.


See above, minimum I’ll accept is 63.