WTS 2003 Birth 66.79M SP Calari Elite

Hello I am selling this Char.
:sunglasses:He is a very good Phoenix(T2 Siege), Rhea, Logistics Cruisers , tengu, golem, Widow, Cerberus, Malediction Pilot.

466867 Unallocated SP
:sunglasses:Was born in 2003
Location: High Sec
Wallet: positive
Kill rights: none
NPC corp: yes
Skill Remap: Now
Security : +5
Clone1: Implants: 1-5 High-grade Crystal Implants, Missile support.
Clone2: NO.1,3,5 Learning Implants (Improved)
Clone3: Learning Implants (Basic)
Caldari State +7
Caldari Navy +9
Serpentis Corp +5


Starting bid: 60B (56B of extraction + 2003 Birth 5m SP Char).
Buyout: Hidden
PS. I will be happy to see that he will be someone’s main Char.

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55 bil

55.5 billion.


56 bil

56.5 billion.

59B he is yours.

59B it is.

OK, 59B OFFER ACCEPT. Plz SENT ISK AND Account Info. Thank you.

ALL DONE. Check the mail. thank you. Fly safe.

Transfer email received. Thank you for the great pilot and fly safe.

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