SOLD ~13M SP Caldari PVE Tengu/Rattlesnake Pilot

(Phoenix Hilanen) #1

I’m selling myself, PVE Mission/Ratting Caldari Pilot with 12.963.187 SP.

Can effectively fly Tengu, Gila, Rattlesnake and Raven.

Focus on Missiles and Drones:
Medium and Heavy Drones 5
Cruise Missiles 5

  • Location: Jita IV - Moon 4 - Caldari Navy Assembly Plant
  • Positive balance
  • No killrights
  • No jump clones

Attributes remap available.

Mix basic/standard implants included.

8B Starting bid.
9B B/O.

Ready for transfer.

(Phoenix Hilanen) #2

updated price

(Mema McDank) #3

9 bil bo ready, waiting for acceptance

(Phoenix Hilanen) #4


(Mema McDank) #5

Isk transferred, account name stated as reason and duplicated via evemail

(Phoenix Hilanen) #6

payment received and transfer service ongoing.

(Mema McDank) #7

Character received

(system) #8

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