For Sale One Rorqual t2 core Pilots

Rei Leen

10.5m SP
Located in Delve, can just school system SD
Positive wallet, sec etc


Ye Jin

10.3m sp
Positive wallet, sec

Both have remaps available

10bn starting for each
15bn buyout for each

26bn BO for both

Ye Jin - 14 BO - offer is open for today

That’ll do, PLEX transfer method alright?

Sure, Pm you ingame for account name.

talk done ingame,
ISK sent

Light shot has sent isk and I have filled the support ticket for transfer

Hey you are currently the top bidder on that character, will give it a day or so

That was more a “buy both get a reduction” deal, sorry if that wasn’t clear

24b for both

Ye Jin has been sold already for 14bn

And current highest bid for Rei Leen is 12bn

all,right, 13B for Rei Leen

I’ll meet you at 14bn?


That’ll do, I’ll message you in game

isk and account info sent。

Ye Jin is now in my account, thanks

Transfer of Rei Leen requested

Rei Leen is now in my account,
and can you delete the goonfleet esi?

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