Force attackers to bring high alpha weapons instead of fighter blobs

Yeah, I have yet to be in a fight remotely the size of 9-4, so I can’t really say how the tethering changes will play out, but I gotta say that when I read the notes, I was a bit disappointed, because I am not sure that the tethering changes by themselves will be enough. I’d rather do away with carriers attacking structures at all, but not by literally making it impossible, rather by implementing dissuasive mechanics, if that makes sense

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It’s not just the tethering-changes though. It’s the removal of void-bombs, the limitations on the warp disruption from the citadels, etc.
While the tethering-change was a targeted nerf to carriers, the other changes in upwell 2.0 aim at allowing more varied fleets to be viable against citadels.

Big fights don’t happen often and every time they do, both sides learn something new. Three tactics will continue to evolve.
Note the DRF’s 294 dreads involved. For context, capitals were all deployed on other fronts way too far away and it was capital caches that saved the day, none the less, this happened but a few months ago. It was Stalingrad all over again.

Literally the only reason you use carriers is because you can simply deagress and tether up. CCP just took that away. You won’t see carriers being used nearly as much for the bashing of the structure, now that they cannot remain almost completely safe.

This is patently false. Combat probes are all one needs to land on a carrier fleet with a cyno and a bunch of scrams, and then bridge in a dread bomb. Dread bombs are able to wipe out capital fleets with impunity.

Wait… so you haven’t even experienced this and you’re complaining about it? What?

Where do you get this thought that dread bombs can easily wipe the field of supported capitals? You realize a single fax can make 40+ dreads worthless on a tanked target. While focusing on the fax itself, assuming properly tanked and in triage, takes no less than 20 to bring down in time before they can drift out of triage and get remote assistance, in which case it’s not dying.

FAX are insanely powerful right now which is why I said unsupported or under supported capitals. If you dread bomb an actual prepared fleet the only things dying are your dreads and a few fax.

You do realize that in the past if carriers/supers wanted to attack a structure they had to use sentries right? A fraction of their old and current dps with fighters. Which made them a sub-optimal choice at the time unless you were bored or were fielding slowcats in preparation for an expected drop.

I meant after the changes, my bad. I experienced this and hated it so much I wanted to cry.

I have not seen that yet and I dont believe that this is going to happen, because a) the carriers are still and always accompanied by enough logi and support to make any FC think more than twice about dreadbombing that, especially in a tidi heavy situation. Also there should be a decent chunk of defensive bubbles against cyno ships and to greet it

Right, but we’re talking about battles on structures here. I’m not going to be dropping no wimpy 40 dreads. I’m going to be dropping 100 of them. 100 dreads at even only 10k DPS apiece (faxes being sieged are going to see excellent damage application) means you’re doing enough damage to kill a buffer-tanked fax in 2 volleys. 3 at worst. Active tanked, I can see them going poof in a single volley.

Will their carriers be able to do jack-all to your dreads? Not really… yea they’ll kill some, but not nearly as fast as you’ll be killing theirs. Bring some subcaps to kill fighters (especially heavies if they’ve got supers) and what answer do they have? Hell, bring some faxes and carriers of your own to even things up on that front. Your carriers can have SS loaded and their carriers can be given the choice of using SS against your SS or losing their fighters at an alarming rate.

Dreads kill capitals. They don’t kill as fast as supers or titans, but they definitely pack a huge punch for their price.

It never happened before because they could just deagress and tether. Now they can’t. I’ll definitely expect to see it.

As for bubbles… T3Cs make good cynos. They’re expensive to be sure, but we’re talking about hundreds of billions of isk at this point so it’s a small cost. Like I said above, 100 dreads will melt just about anything.

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