Foreshadowing - Congrats to Suitonia!

My officers and deputies are constantly asking me “Vinne, how did you predict that thing?” - I always tell them the truth… I have no idea how I could have predicted that thing… Bob speaks to me in whispers… An oddly bent blade of grass, an unusual flavor, a tingling in my big toe.

In the past I have predicted major events like the Pacifier buff, Launcher Button colors, and NullSec blackout.

Most of the time I have no idea that I’m predicting stuff. The Glorious Word of Bob just flows through me in hard to understand memes and coarse commentary.

In a now closed thread discussing the CSM, A random person asked who the most favorite CSM member was…

Less than 24 hours later, this most favorite CSM member was hired as a QA Analysist with CCP Games…

Congrats @Suitonia/@CCP_Kestrel !! So well deserved! May all the bugs be found and squished under your ample feet.

Yet another example of VINNE IS ALWAYS RIGHT!!


Congrats Suitonia.

Way to go from a loved player to ummm…CCP

Thanks :blush:


I heard that Kestrel might be doing stuff in the QA department. Does that mean that Habatuk finally gets a direly needed second member for his team?


How does it feel to be the first?

I think someone forgot to take a peek at calendar…

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April Fooled?

I am so #@%@#%^ gullible.

It’s like a double April Fools, because it’s actually real.

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Another one converted to the Ship Name-Name train


What got predicted?

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