Thank you CCP and CSMs

I would like to say thank you to CCP and the CSMs for bringing the Wardec changes to High Sec. Since I have started over a year and half ago I have personally seen large alliances chasing multiple corps from the game, this changes was needed to help the game to grow. Thank you.

Since the Wardec news has hit my system, there has been a massive buzz about finally being able to have social play without being a wardec pinata.


It’s been 25 whole minutes, and no one nibbled your bait… Are you sweaty? Are your hands shaking?

Are you refreshing the page in breathless hope?


Whatever my feelings on the subject are, what I’m most curious about is how it took so very, very long for CCP to be able to document this trend.


They have now crawled out from under the little bee’s thumb and so can talk to the little people a little more honestly. Tell us what they knew all along.

Unfortunately, they found another thumb to get comfortably numb beneath. One extreme to the other, I’m afraid. Now it will all be highsec carebear lies instead of nullbear lies.

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:

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I’m sure it’s not anyone’s lies; more like they have 200,000,000 different reasons to follow any PA “suggestions”.


Example chat:

Ash Beldrulf > Did you hear about the wardec changes? Everything is going to be so much better!
Local > …
Ash Beldrulf > Hello?
Local > …
Ash Beldrulf > Did anyone see what I just said?
Local > …
Ash Beldrulf > You all suck. I demand local chat. I demand the game I deserve! I demand social things!
Local > Sorry, can’t social. Due to the complete and utter lack of danger we’re all afk.
Ash Beldrulf > *cries

Maybe the reason those “large alliances” got so large in the first place was because they provided content of destroying corps?

Remember ccps advertising campaign BE THE VILLIAN!

One must ask why.

Total coincidence it was shortly after being bought by PA.


… and thanks to all those which opened and posted into countless respective threads also, to bring attention to this hi-sec players outflow.

TBF the highsec wardecs ie station games gets a tad boring overtime, Its more fun when you just go Banana’s and undock a 15b golem and say come at me bro :smiley:

LOL, yeah, and that seemed to be an incredibly thankless task for many years…, it was like head butting a brick wall.

If you want to have structures create a one man corp to control it so you can decide whether you defend it or krab to replace it, your decision and this is very good for hisec player retention and IMO growth.


Forget it, that campaign is past tense now, together with its “inventer”

It was always known. We always knew some players dock up, become inactive or even quit playing when being war-decced.

The speaker at EVE Vegas who introduced the change was just talking BS, trying to make us believe this is only now suddenly becoming obvious. I wish CCP was more honest about why they change their direction. They do claim to be very open to us players, but BS like this can only hurt their credibility.

It was in fact accepted by all and for as long as I know the game. There are many players coming and going each year and those who left because of a wardec are just a part of these.

What’s missing in all this BS is how it’s going to stop players from leaving when they will leave eventually anyway. It’s not going to keep everyone playing suddenly, but players will come and go as they always have. I’m more worried about how this change affects players overall and the health of the game. WiS and vanity items were also thought of as making the game better and it turned out terribly.

I find it amusing you are thanking CCP for making a reasonable selection of player corps essentially dedicated chat channels with a different tax rate… and locking the rest in a room with “the monsters”. The only corps that will be “growing” due to this are the ones that this change was irrelevant to in the first place.

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Its not that they haven’t documented it but rather that up until recently (or now) they have been able to financially ride off and flat out ignore the losses. But now that is no longer the case. So they’re feeling it in their wallets.

Wait until they start losing even more players due to all other stuff that people are leaving for like cap proliferation, botting, multiboxing, cap-sub cap imbalance, and all that sort of crap and once the data comes out for that. It will be pretty glorious.


You’re not wrong Moe.

Are you mad?

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