Formal Charges Levied

I Asveron Durr, Diplomat for the Greater Itamo Mafia Alliance hereby levy the following to the Court of Crime and Punishment for Inspection and Review.

Charge: Botting, Operating and or creating an Organized Botting Ring, undetermined but possible RMT activity.

28day Saissore, addr Pollard, admr Aub, ander Che, areu Anto, areyoy Pollard, bei Siro, best mand, bigyes Pach
,biil Aucie, chen u, chui Eriker, Codie Donie, day O, diegaga me, dilu jet, Dr sarah, Eyrou Chancel, fan lin, fedr Breau, frt Vemane, fuei Geng, Fur Ask, gsdfwe gsdferh, how Vema, inder Papp, jgfh jghfdfg, jieck dink, Jins’A, Jins’C, Jins’D, Jins’E, Jins’F, Jins’G, Jins’H, Jins’I, Jins’J, Jins’K, Jins’L, Jins’M, Jins’N, Jins’O, Jins’P, Jins’Q, Jins’R,
Jins’S, Jins’T, Jins’U, Jins’V , Jins’W, Jins’X, Jins’Y, Jins’Z.

Also any not on this list that are hereby listed:

These persons are operating Distribution Missions for the purpose of Massive LP gain in the form of Implants, I submit: into evidence.

GIMA has only recently been advised of this heinous cult and took some actions as of today: and as part of my evidence to submit watch the pods of these shipless pilots still attempting to operate Distribution missions.

Charge: Gross Negligence in the First Degree.

against: CCP
Is Hereby charged with many of these bots being 6 months old and now known to me locals of the Ruomo Constellation have been submitting Bot reports for up to 3 weeks now. From this point I charge that CCP should be held accountable and must either act soon/immediate to ban these bots, or possibly reimburse anyone carrying out CCP’s duties for it, or even both after this date.

Charge: Complacency, Carebearism, Botloving, Bot-Aspirancy

Against: Playerbase, for knowingly allowing these Bots to grow in Strength and ruin our game.

Against: CODE. Alliance for allowing these Bots to fly blatantly in their face and doing nothing to curb their activities despite having the manpower, resources, and knowledge to combat them, for Failing as the custodians of Highsec and that being the Gateway to EvE all of New Eden.




28day Saissore



CODE is just a highsec gank alliance for profit. They havn’t done anything useful against bots since shortly after it was originally formed to fight bots. They were useful once, long ago.


Hi, The New Order of Highsec was formed for the purpose of regulating the governance of Highsec in accordance with the New Halaima Code of Conduct.

Bots are indeed a stain upon the face of our fair game, but they are not the primary targets of our attentions. We have CCP and the players for that.

No, our business lies with bot-aspirants, who are (nominally at least) human, and whose response to being blown up while doing Distribution Missions is likely to consist of further explosions, but of anatomically inspired profanity in Local Chat.

Must we do everything?


Something might be cool :stuck_out_tongue:


Oh, very well then.

We’ll come onto the forums and whinge about it! :grin:


That’s the spirit.


Flying around hisec I am finding these bots insidiously at most of the distribution mission hubs.
They all exhibit the exact same behaviour and mindlessly repeat their mundane routes with cruel efficiency.

Damn. Cockroaches have infested the place…

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First let me correct you on something here sir, the GIMA charter predates the existence of CODE. and only came about when Currin Trading attempted offer us kickbacks on something we never did for ISK…New Halaima Code of Conduct is modeled after the GIMA Charter an is in reality a sham when compared to it since Currin’s alt James 315 literally says in the beginning its for Profit.

Now to the parts I bolded in your reply, I am not really sure how to or what to make of them.

1.) the first bold i can take to mean everyone else but CODE is responsible for a fight such as this, meaning you support botting, not just bot aspirancy but botting period, and probably partake in it yourselves. Unless of course CODE are players too?

2.) I can take both of the bolded together, and you mean CCP and the players are both Targets of CODE, and you are admitting to purposely grief the playerbase for some unknown reason none of the rest really want to fathom(declining playerbase comes to mind here).

Of course since you seem to be the face and diplo of CODE here on the Forums I will give you the chance to actually explain your meaning in clear simple english, or better yet let that hack Currin come posting here himself.

Without taking action against this plague though, CODE is admitting through action that they have no right to highsec, have no right to “issue” permits, and your roleplay is pure and utter hubris, and if my 2nd point ever is proven true then CODE and all connected accounts should be permabanned.

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Please pay careful attention Asveron, I’ll only say this once. Sharpen your pencil, and kindly withdraw your feverish eyes from the feasts of flesh on offer at random spots around the classroom.

I don’t regard myself as a diplomat. You are, of course, welcome to describe me in any way you please.

Now, to your rather loose reading of my words. Beware; I wield words like a knight wields a sword (or lance, perhaps), and I don’t rely on the services of a squire in order to do so. The squire, in this case, being your tenuous grip upon the role of cause and effect in this particular example.

The pre-existence of the GIMA Charter is irrelevant to this discussion. Neither that charter nor anything you say in support of its connection with the Code, is a good enough reason to dismiss what I’ve said. It is fluff, Asveron, mere fluff.

I repeat, the New Order of Highsec (the umbrella organisation of which the CODE. Alliance is a part) arose directly from the activities of James 315 and from the New Halaima Code of Conduct. James says that his primary motive is profit, and this was because the carebearing miners turned to CCP and screamed ‘Gwiefing! Gwiefing!’ as he bumped and badgered his way through the belts.

This is history, too, and well known and understood, even by/to our supposed enemies. Who are you again?

Anyway - Eyes front, Asveron! I won’t tell you again!

  1. You interpret what I say as “everyone else but CODE is responsible”. Perverse. Or your reading ability is woeful. I am very careful, very cautious. I said “Bots…are not the primary targets of our attentions.” (my italics). I did not say that we ignore them completely, or that (therefore) they are in the sole purview of CCP and the players. We are not merely players; we are players and supervisors, and governors, of Highsec. We are bringers of exciting and unpredictable content to the miners.

  2. Are you still paying attention? I hope so. I’m not at all clear just why you teased out from my post the line “anatomically inspired profanity in Local Chat.” I wished to avoid quoting the miners directly as they trundled their way through vulgar and abusive synonyms for the male and female organs of generation. There are only so many times you can be called a (…) without its becoming quite wearisome.

There, Asveron. Clear, simple, (and largely correct) English. Its clarity is unquestionable, for I take great pains both to be precise and to correct imprecision in my own and others’ work. As to simplicity, it isn’t always possible, and depends rather heavily upon the perception of the ‘other’. If you wish for me to make it clear and simple for you, then you’re out of luck; I don’t do ‘specials’.

Class dismissed!

EDIT: spelling/grammar


You roleplayers crack me up.

I know. They do the same to me, too, Keno :grinning:

This is boring. We need a new unification attempt with gankers who actually have claws and teeth, not something that reminds people of USAmericans.


This is boring: I find this boring
We need: I need
new unification attempt: old unification attempt/s re-hashed
claws and teeth: ability to disregard completely current Highsec game mechanics
…USAmericans: vague and gratuitous insult directed at a group of people self-identifying as USAmericans

Now I get it! I thought for a moment that you were describing the New Order as ineffectual:grinning:


ineffectual, as in “half assed” actually hits the nail on the head. don’t get me wrong, though. it’s not because of hate, it’s because i want to see the world burn. :blush:

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Haha. I’d love to see it burn too, but CCP is hell-bent on giving to the carebears the means to protect themselves, and to us, Crimewatch…

You so eloquently attempt to dance around the actual subject, more like a Ballerina than a Swordsman.

As I will not mince words with you, let me make it clear that you are admitting CODE’s activity is to literally ruin the game, you are admitting that Griefing is CODE’s mandate, that you are all nothing more than Bittervets with an Axe to grind.

With these admissions I feel the Charges of: Carebearism, Bot-Aspirancy, an Botloving(defense of botting) is legit.
Further more I will add the charges of: Bittervetnes, Purposeful Griefing to the list.

The only way i see CODE could redeem themselves from these admissions is actively hunt these Botter groups.
If you are not in compliance with doing this and resist even the token value that doing so would better serve your interests, then you might I say even probably might be behind this current Bot plague yourself.

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I don’t recall you being member of the C&P Court.
Therefore any accusations you make are invalidated.

Thank you come again

Edit: Bingoooo


There is precedent for this.

They’re not the first to attempt to ruin the game for others. The stated purpose of Goons (grr™) is to ruin your game, not the game; and has been since people called them a virus and attempted to eradicate them from existence.

Despite the propaganda and the constant lamentation on the forums, it’s fairly easy to avoid the attentions of CODE. The permit aside they will quite happily tell you how to avoid their attentions.

Fortunately you don’t get to define griefing, CCP do.

They’re operating an extortion racket, and CCP allow players to run such criminal enterprises within the game universe. They consider such playstyles to be emergent content driven by players.

A carebear is someone that demands CCP change the game to give them an advantage they could already have if they could be bothered to learn how.

Sasha demands nothing of CCP and works for his advantages, thus the charge of carebearism is moot.

The charge of bot aspirancy/love against a respected ganker and member of C&P is both disgusting and ludicrous, unless you have evidence to the contrary it is dismissed forthwith.

Bittervet? possibly.
Griefer? As per CCP’s definition, their word being law, nope.