Forming a corp

(Lieutenant Arkonor) #1

So I am going to be forming a corp, but I need a name. Many come to mind but I’d like to hear some suggestions.

Let me hear your suggestions. Mind you the corp is mining focused and noobie teaching focused.

Thanks all. :grin:

(Kenneth Endashi) #2

Hmm. A learning corporation with a focus on mining…

Mine Over Matter

(Kirsten Swenson) #3

“This ain’t gonna happen well”

(Lieutenant Arkonor) #4

I liked the first suggestion not the second

(Memphis Baas) #5

Mine Over Matter - -MOM-

Create an alt specifically to be the CEO. So you can leave your corp if you want to join another, but still keep it.

(Peta Chieve) #6


That said, I offer a corp creation service if you’re interested.

(Boldly Gone) #7

“Victims of the Galaxy”?
To be honest, don’t show that you are not that prone to PvP. Or be prepared to be considered easy prey.
“Diggin’ in the Dirt” - “Ore-os and MinerAles” - “Major Miner” - “Veltspar Venture Inc.” - “Roids’n’Roses” - “Arkie’s Mining Academy” - or just a plain “mining and newbro company”

(Donkyhotay) #8

Hmmm… a new corp focused on newbie mining. Sounds like it’s probably a small corp with maybe a couple friends joining? Most appropriate name I can think of for such a group is “Wardec Targets” or “Gank Victims”.

Seriously though, I can’t think of any actual names but I would probably use something with “rock” in the name in regards to both mining and also “rocking out” somehow.

(Memphis Baas) #9

Corp Name: What You Mine is Mine
Corp Description: Sorry I forgot a “d.”

(Trevor Dalech) #10

Scorch on the rocks

(Ivory Harcourt) #11

Try “I lost my Venture to VMG” or “Highsec mining corp #4927510”.

(Solonius Rex) #12

Were Noobs’n’Miners Plz-we-are-weak-no-wardec

Corp ticker WE4K

That or…

Generic Shitty Hisec Corp #88291830

(Ralph King-Griffin) #13

jail merc bait

(Remiel Pollard) #14

Newbs teaching newbs?

Definitely merc bait.

If I were starting a mining corp, and I’m not saying I will, but I would call it:

We used to be fun at parties, then we started mining.

(system) #15

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