Forming low-sec INCURSION NPSI Fleet EUTZ

Hi all,

I would like to get a feel for whether people are interested in a public low-sec incursion fleet.

I present:

Funcursion Fleet

I have been an on and off player of Eve since 2008
This means I have tried lots of different areas of Eve. I’ve been in low-sec/null-sec for the majority of the time and like spending my time in PVP.

I was sad that I couldn’t find any public English-speaking low-sec incursion running groups.

So I plan on starting my own.

This will be a newbro/alpha friendly group. (I might just run an alpha account separately myself for a while specifically for this)

Key features:

Low-sec only Vanguard incursions,
Less competition for sites,
No waiting lists (unless it is majorly popular),
Alpha clones welcome,
Cheap ships - pay for your ship in a few hours,
Relaxed fleet,
PVP if it comes our way.

Vanguard incursions in low-sec allow 5 additional fleet members (15) than HS vanguards, but retain the max payout.
This allows similar income, but with alot cheaper ships. If we lose a few T1 ships, who cares!

If anyone is interested in this I would love to meet up to try it out.
Let me know!

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Out of curiosity, what steps/strats are you implementing in order to help increase fleet safety?

I have done lowsec incursions before with TEST years ago. There was very little hostile traffic in the systems. As long as the incursion wasn’t in a busy part of lowsec it was fine.

We were only caught once and that was by a wh corp who happened to have a wh into the system and sent in 2 interceptors who both pointed our bhaalgorn (I don’t know why he brought that, it wasn’t necessary).

We’re had a bad fc who just told everyone to align and warped us, leaving the bhaalgorn to die.
We’re had 10 guys in cruisers. We could have just aligned, nueted the interceptors and the moment they dropped point warped off.

A 15 man incursion is no easy pickings in lowsec, provided you fit to pvp if necessary.

At first, I would fit the fleet to be able to fight off tackle. Webs/nuets and we can probably kill anything quick enough to get into the site before we warp off.

I would also start with cheaper fits to get a feel for how much danger there is. My feeling is, outside prime time we will be very safe.

A gang that we can’t kill should only have tackle on a few guys at once. If we lose a few ships, we’ll spread the cost across the fleet and get them replaced.

That’s how I would approach it in the early days. We won’t be min/maxing at first.

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Myself and other pilots in my alliance would be very interested, but we’d all be brand new to running incursions. I think it would be 3 or 4 of us who would be interested.

This will go well … counter proposal, have a primary lowsec incursion PvP fleet hunting every lowsec incursion runner. Profit by loot and occasional finishing sites.

Ha! It’s a good idea, but this it’s primarily to be used as a means to make ISK from incursions. Incursions are surprisingly engaging.

There are already pvp NPSI fleets. Maybe they would like to hunt the incursion runners (us and the Russians lol).

The Russians will get angry on competition. :wink:

That’s good to hear.

My current plan is to try and get fitted ships into incursion systems and have them ready to hand out for fleets. Then there’s less worry of guys dying to gate camps on the way to systems. They just bring a travel ship.

Members would buy the fitted ships on contract from me (for Jita sell + 20%) in system.
And I will buy them back when you leave, minus a hauling fee.

As the feedback is generally positive, I’m going to start putting something together.

Please continue providing your feedback and interest!

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I think they’re mainly running HQs.

But we’ll see what happens.

If they become an issue, I’ll try a bit of diplomacy.

Any progress with this idea. What ships & fits were thinking?

I and my alliance mates are still interested as well!

Yep idea still in the works. I’m looking at VNI > Gila > Ishtar for DPS, 1-2 command dessie for boosts and booshing near to targets. And 2 shield logi scimi/basi.

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Still good luck, and ping me if you are going. Though last time this was tried (out of Spectre) it failed horribly. Hint, go with a cheap doctrin, I think we used Talos back then, iirc.

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