Forsaken Fortress – Coming 26 May

He was replying to someone who warned him that one day NPC stations might not be safe, either…

Sylvia Kildare


He was replying to someone who warned him that one day NPC stations might not be safe, either…

The biggest long-term damage is that the notices didn’t seem to reach folks. I’d read on other locales about that problem. CCP, unfortunately, followed a practice that they’d been repeating for some time, insufficient testing of a new feature. Notification is supposed to be part of the abandoned citadel feature, and initially, a warning that this was coming as a part of EVE.

Either the email sent was so nondescript that it was easily missed, or it didn’t arrive at all for a number of former players.

EVE’s playerbase rotates in and out. That’s been a ‘feature’ of the game for a long while. This mistake just gave a major disincentive toward ‘scratching the EVE itch’ and coming back for many. I hope petitions are quickly answered for losses in order to mitigate the negative effect on overall player count, as those leaving and returning players have been a decent percentage of CCP’s subscription lifeblood.


That’s certainly one of the problems.

But the main one is that CCP seems to think fixing their game’s economy is more important than the fun of the players. A lot of players like to amass wealth, be it assets, liquid, or both, and… apparently that is counter to what they want, even if it’s what many of us want.

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Of course you want wealth. Of course that should drive the game. But should anyone be crying to change the rules of the game to grant them wealth? No. That is a matter for gameplay and competition within the rules of the game. A game that just grants everyone wealth has no meaningful decisions or interaction and is not worth playing. For people that want such a thing, I recommend Progress Quest.

More scarcity. More loss. More strife. More conflict. Less crying.

More game.

And just in case you don’t understand my point, here is an analogy. In Whist or Bridge you play to accumulate tricks. Some people win tricks, some people lose tricks. The fun is the competition. Now, suppose some of the players say “We could all have as many tricks as we want. All we need to do is change the game. We can add more cards. Everyone can win!”

Let’s suppose this happens for a while. Now everyone has thousands of piles of cards. What happened to the game? Why are all the great battles in the past? What can we do? But no, you can’t have my cards. They’re mine. Mine. MINE.



I never said people should be allowed to just cry till CCP changed things the way they want them to be.

I was arguing for CCP just appreciating some aspects of the status quo as they continue their vaunted Chaos Era, not an actual reactionary change in the other direction. But, as always, we’ll see what happens.

I have a question,

If I have an abandoned structure , can i bring it back to full power mode by onlining a service module?

Thank You

Yes. And if you run out of fuel, it goes into low power for 7 days, then abandoned (unless you refuel it again - at which point it goes to full power)

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^^^^^^ This ^^^^^^^^

There was zero notice emailed to vacationed players of such a drastic change. I’ve just resubbed and I’ve lost billions in ships…

I couldn’t give a toss about the structures (which amazingly had survived months in hisec unmolested at low-power), but the ships… that hurts. CCP should really have thought this through better.

Edit: Another thing about this game is that by its very nature, a lot of newer players get overwhelmed, take a break and come back. I started playing this game in '06 and it took me four resubs after breaks before I had the stamina to have a sub last more than two years.

I find the changes have hurt and the rebuild will be annoying.

To some newer and middling players, the effects will be devastating… particularly as some in locked down communities come back to the game.

CCP had the means to notify players effectively, and possibly would have made money of resubs from players wanting to evac ships and assets.

CCP will notify you by e-mail that:

  • there’s new promotion on SP
  • there’s new promotion on PLEX sell
  • they fired up new Project Discovery
  • there’s new promotion for SKIN
  • there are new DLC packs
  • the new Quadrant is rolled out

CCP will not notify you by e-mail before:

  • the old Project Discovery is ending
  • the citadels will become pinatas
  • the minerals are removed from R4 moon ore
  • other important in-game changes that affect your assets or in-game progress

Last six months of CCP executive’s decisions just got me to the point that I don’t care to voice my opinion on game changes at forum anymore. While others postpone major changes/decisions during COVID-19, CCP is doing the opposite. In a mean way to surprise negatively it’s current/past playerbase.

I’m just curious if CCP will f**k up systems invaded by Triglavians to the same point. Which is a little bit different but if these systems will be destroyed permanently, transformed to shattered wormholes or abyss space…we’ll see. I just feel sorry for new players that land in such a hostile environment that their ships pop along with pods in Trig systems…at least they have been warned at gates.

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Recently came back to the game only to discover the majority of my assets were gone. Contacted GMs and got recommended to post on this forum so that maybe the devs who are on the fence about this will get together and try to overturn that one guy’s decision which caused this ridiculous scenario. I will just be posting the most concise paragraph from the emails I sent to the GMs on what I think about this.

I don’t see the point in playing with any level of commitment when the management of the game deems it okay to just wipe out their players’ hard earned items in this manner. It greatly decreases my ability to trust the developers, and more than ever makes me less willing to spend. To sum it up, it’s simply disappointing. It’s as if you go on holiday, and while you’re on holiday your government changes the law and says everyone can now take your possessions legally. Whats the point of ownership then?

To that one dev who inspired this change, kudos to you for being so convincing. To the rest of the devs who know this is wrong, I hope you make your voices heard.

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Where had you left them ?

They are just imaginary items in a database.

Losing them isn’t fun, and if you don’t want to come back that’s perfectly understandable, but they aren’t real things. If you enjoyed getting them once, perhaps you’ll enjoy getting them again?

Or not. Games change, especially when you are away form them for a good part of a year. Sometimes, they go away completely. They usually don’t change when you go on holiday, but if you go away for a long time, it’s possible things will be quite different when you return.

All you have to do is decide whether you want to play the current state of the game, or do something else with your time.

It’s not like this wasn’t publicized WAY ahead of time. If you were planning to come back to EVE then one might thing you subbed to the news feed or got email alerts. Assuming things will never change is really never a good strategy in life…Hope for the best, expect the worst, plan accordingly.

You ever tried convincing a senior manager/ department head/ Hilmar that they are wrong?

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I planned to write an open letter to CCP management but I finally dropped the idea. I bet CCP Devs are divided internally too. Maybe these Devs who recently left CCP felt the same.

C’mon Pedro. We all know these are pixels, bits precisely. Do you ever use saves in games or save documents? Or you start over every time you power on your PC because perhaps you’ll enjoy getting them again?

Of course not, but I have played much more cuthroat survival games, or MMOs games with fresh servers, or games that have season and in all of them your progress is completely or partially reset. If you don’t enjoy the journey to some degree, maybe you are playing the wrong game?

I mean, even in Eve ISK and SP are essentially impossible to lose. Assets can be lost, but they are there to be lost and part of the fun is suppose to be how you get them again.

I also played games with seasons and even ones that are dead now (servers offline). But offlinening servers applied to all.

In this patch some ppl lost a lot of assets just because someone at CCP though it would be “fun” to turn off asset safety which was there for 4 years. That’s changing a fundamental rule.

I have nothing against Abandoned state except that there is no asset safety. Quantum Core showed that Forsaken Fortress was a failure to the feature CCP wanted to implement - incentive to kill structures.

The whole point of it was to create an incentive to kill abandoned structures by removing asset safety to offer potential loot drops. And it was massively successful at getting people to do that:

Credit: A4E

A third-to-half of (mostly abandoned) structures were cleared out in a week or two orgy of destruction. Op success!

The Quantum Cores are intended to get people fighting over active structures while the Forsaken Fortress changes were to give people incentive to be janitors and clean up New Eden of some junk left behind by people who didn’t want it anymore. They have quite different purposes.

Asset safety is still there. If you keep your structured fueled you have zero chance of losing your asset safety, ever, and if you use someone else’s structure, you still have 7 - 8 days to noticed the low powered state, plus a notification that your stuff might be at risk. And if that happens, it’s still just one click to send all your stuff to asset safety manually.

As a compromise between giving active players asset safety, and providing an incentive for janitors to clean up the trash, I think it is pretty reasonable one CCP has come up with.